Get documents signed faster so you can focus on knowledge transfer

Simplify and automate administrative tasks so your staff can focus on delivering a world-class education

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Modernize the student, staff, and parent experience while becoming the school of tomorrow

No matter how varied your contracts and agreements, meet evolving expectations by breaking down manual silos, saving costs, and improving efficiency in your administrative processes.

Accessible when you need it

Accessible when you need it

Manual signing is so 1990. Take advantage of secure digital solutions that allow your students, staff, and parents to sign on any device from any location.

Tangible cost savings

Paperless transactions aren’t just good for the environment. Save on transportation, storage, supplies, and even intangible costs by eliminating errors made when preparing documents.

Tangible Cost Savings
Slash Completion Times

Slash completion times

Do in hours what used to take days. Using our unique processes built into the platform, speed up document completion times by up to 80% and mobilize your education initiatives faster than you ever thought possible.

Automate cumbersome processes

Turn your complex signing needs into streamlined, intuitive, and reusable WorkFlows that only take a few clicks and keystrokes to complete. The signer is automatically guided through the entire process, further reducing document completion time.

Automate Cumbersome Processes
Keep sensitive data safe

Keep sensitive data safe

UsefulPDF uses 256-bit encryption for all data, employs SMS and ID verification, takes advantage of cryptographic hash technology, and creates a detailed audit trail. Together, these security features ensure your sensitive documents don’t fall into the wrong hands at any point.

Modernizing your institution is the first step to
down barriers

Administrative work for educators is often considered a black hole. Few people see or understand it but it’s necessary to keep things humming along. Take advantage of electronic signatures and work process automation to streamline your administrative responsibilities so your people can focus on imparting knowledge to the next generation.