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Choose the type of electronic signature you’d like to create

Typed signature

Simply type your name into our signature creator and then select from a range of handwriting fonts to get something unique. When finished, save your new electronic signature to be used for eSigning.

Drawn signature

Draw your signature using any touchscreen device like your phone or table, use a trackpad, or even use your computer mouse. When done, our signature maker allows you to edit it until it’s ready.

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eSignature maker FAQ

What is the Signature Generator and how does it work?

The signature generator is a tool that creates an electronic signature for you that can be used to sign documents online. It’s a representation of your acceptance of the contents of any document you attach it to.
In many jurisdictions, electronic signatures like the ones you can make here are legally binding so use it wisely.

Does your signature creator keep a record of my signature?

Absolutely not. The signature generator is a tool that works on the frontend of our website in your browser. That means the data created isn’t transmitted to our servers so if you exit the page, everything is deleted.
No one but you can see or access the signature you create unless you want them to. You can create an account and then store your electronic signature to use for all your document signing needs.

Does the Signature maker create an online signature, electronic signature, or digital signature?

Our signature generator makes it possible to create an electronic signature that can be downloaded. An electronic signature is the same thing as an online signature. These are basically representations of your signature in a digital format.
A digital signature, on the other hand, has more stringent requirements. It’s a type of electronic signature that uses a higher level of encryption to verify the authenticity of the parties involved, messages, and documents. It works using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which has private and public keys that need to coincide for it to be legitimate.

Will the signature made using the signature creator be valid for legal documents?

Yes, the electronic signature that’s produced for you will be valid for legal documents. Keep in mind that different documents require different levels of authentication. For example, the EU has three levels of electronic signatures, and the one produced here is legally binding in most instances. In the United States, some documents require digital signatures instead of electronic signatures.

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Note: This tool is designed to get people to start a free trial of the service. It prompts them to start the registration process but there will be smaller text that lets them opt out and download the signature directly to their computer.

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