Wyoming rental/lease applicaiton form

A Wyoming rental/lease application is a document used by landlords to screen potential tenants in order to determine which would be suitable. This document is usually in the form of a form that is filled out by a potential tenant and submitted to the landlord. A landlord may also require a non-refundable fee for each rental application. In addition, the Wyoming residential rental application form gives the landlord permission to run a credit check on the applicant as well as basic background information about the applicant. This aids landlords in selecting the appropriate tenant from the pool of rental applicants.

Wyoming rental/lease applicaiton form template

Wyoming rental/lease applicaiton form

Parts of the Wyoming Rental/Lease Application 

This form can be divided into 4 sections based on the information contained in each section, these sections are:

  1. The Property

 This is the first section of the form and should contain information about the property such as:

  • The type of property 

  • The size of the property 

  • Number of bedrooms 

  • Prohibited animals or actions such as smoking 

  • Monthly rent

  • The street address and if parking will be provided.

  1. The Tenancy

 This part is really short and in fact, contains only two fields which are the type or length of the tenancy and the lease start date. Normally residential leases last for 6-12 months. 

  1. The Applicant 

This section is all about the prospective tenant and while the above two sections may come already filled in by the landlord this section must be filled by the prospective tenant with legally correct and up-to-date information. It contains information such as the prospective tenant's or applicant's:

  • Name

  • Previous residence 

  • Employment status 

  • Date of birth

  • Driver's license number and social security number 

  • If they've ever been evicted or convicted of a crime

  • Personal references 

  • Financial information 

  • Details of past and present landlords.

  • The 

  • And many other pieces of information about the applicant.

  1. The Consumer Disclosure 

 This is the final section of the form and contains the consent of the applicant to the landlord to perform investigative credit background checks on the applicant. 

This part of the form is very important as an investigative credit check is a simple but effective way for a landlord to determine the financial strength of an applicant which is one of the important factors to consider when choosing a tenant.

How to use and draft the Wyoming rental/lease application form:

Step 1: Download The Document

Find a free copy of the Wyoming Residential Rental Application on this webpage. Download it, print and fill it out by hand or, you can create a customized copy using our document generator. It is recommended that this form be filled out with the assistance of a qualified legal practitioner.

Step 2: Serve the applicants the form

This is pretty self-explanatory, after filling in the first two sections the landlord may then serve or send the rental applicants the form to append their details and submit.

Step 3: Screen and validate successful applicants

After receiving the now fully filled rental application forms it falls to the landlord to now make use of the information gathered in the rental application forms to screen applicants according to their personal criteria while making sure to perform credit checks on applicants.

Step 4: Contact Successful Applicants

After selecting the successful applicants the next step is to contact them and inform them of their success, after that comes; any further negotiation between the successful tenants and landlord then drafting and signing of the residential lease agreement.

Download our free Wyoming lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Wyoming lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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