Wyoming rental/lease agreements

 In the state of Wyoming, you can make use of the free Wyoming rental and lease agreement template for creating a leasing contract between a lessor and a lessee for the use of the property for residential or business purposes. The lessor would be required to carry out repairs on the dwelling while the lessee must pay rent. A rental application is normally used by the lessor to verify the income and background information of the potential lessee. 

Wyoming rental/lease agreement templates

Wyoming rental/lease agreements

The Wyoming lease agreements come in 6 types:

Commercial Rental Lease Agreement – This agreement is used for commercial-related tenancies. The tenant usually has more responsibilities than with a residential agreement and may even be held personally liable for the tenancy. 

Monthly Rental lease Agreement -- This type of agreement may be terminated by the occupant or lessor and requires that both parties negotiate the time frame for the provision of notice to cancel the contract. 

Rent-to-Own Rental Agreement – A rental agreement with options to purchase the premises when certain conditions are met. The price can be determined upfront or at a later date. 

Roommate Lease Agreement – Form for establishing an agreement between individuals in a shared living space over their responsibilities for the payment of electricity, water, rental payment, etc.

Standard Residential Rental Contract –  A popular residential agreement with a start and end date. It offers the most protection to tenants so landlords need to be careful about who they rent their premises to. 

Sublease Rental Contract – The decision of an occupant to re-rent their dwelling to a new occupant to assume responsibility for the remainder of the lease term. This type of tenancy comes in two options: a commercial sublease and a residential sublease. And may require the approval of the property owner. 

Two disclosure requirements

Lead-Based Paint Information – The law states that owners of dwellings built before the year 1978 must provide notice to the lessees of the possible existence of lead-based paint in and around the dwelling. 

Non-returnable Fees (§  1-21-1207) – If there’s any feed that cannot be returned, it has to be stated in the lease contract.

Access to property

There are no statutes requiring property owners to provide notification before accessing the lessee’s dwelling.

Money deposited as security

Maximum – No limits. At the discretion of the property owner. With that being said, it's usually not more than two months.

Returning – The lessor is required to pay back the security deposit within thirty days after the expiry of tenancy according to § 1-21-1208A.

Download our free Wyoming rental/lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Wyoming rental/lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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