West Virginia lease application form

A West Virginia rental application is a document that is structured to check the qualification of a prospective tenant for a lease by a property manager. The document will ask the candidate for individual information and relevant data, for example, work history, rental history, credit history, and qualifying questions. The candidate should sign the application, pronouncing that they give consent to the landowner to confirm their information, perform background checks, and charge application expenses, if required.

West Virginia lease application form template

West Virginia lease application form

Laws guiding West Virginia rental application

Application Fee - There is no restriction set for application expenses charged to candidates for performing screening administrations (§ 37-6A-1(2)).

Security Deposit -There is no reference to initial deposits in state regulations.

The rental application process

Here are the details you should include in your application:

  • Details such as full name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc.

  • Inquiries regarding pets, smoking, etc.

  • What is the estimated number of tenants planning to move in?

  • What is their reasoning for moving?

  • Fees, deposits, and rent details.

  • Referrals; ask if their current employer or previous landlord can give you references.

  • Last two years of rental history.

  • Evictions in the past

  • An overview of employment history and income

Rental history and references

As previously said, you should set aside some time to phone every business and landowner or realtor listed on the application form your prospective tenants filled out. This will enable you to verify the information provided and learn more about them.

When you've gathered all of this information, now is the best time to make a decision. Stick to your personal standards and make decisions based on facts rather than emotions. You can also arrange a final face-to-face meeting or phone conversation to ensure you've made the best decision. After all, you've invested a significant amount of money, time, and effort in this property, and you want to rent it to somebody who will take care of it.

A description of the property

A basic rental application usually includes some information on the vacant rental property as well. This is important to ensure that you and the applicant are on the same page and that you can keep applications organized if you're working with numerous jobs and applicants at the same time.

The rental application includes the property address so that both you and the applicant are properly informed about the property. If you have a lot of vacancies and applicants, this might also help you remain on top of things.

Download our free West Virginia lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free West Virginia lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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