Washington rental/lease agreements

 Washington rental and lease agreement templates are available to help a property owner and a lessee establish a lease contract. Tenancy laws vary inside Seattle and outside Seattle, hence using the correct template for each location is necessary. When a contract is signed by both parties, it becomes legally binding. The lessee will usually complete a rental application that allows the lessor to ascertain their employment status and background information

Washington rental/lease agreement templates

Washington rental/lease agreements

The 6 types of  lease agreements

Commercial Rental Lease Agreement – Used for leasing properties to be used for commercial ventures in the state. When compared to residential leases, the commercial lease requires a handle many more responsibilities such as building maintenance or even taxes. 

Monthly Rental lease Agreement (Outside Seattle – Within Seattle) – A lease with a provision that allows both parties to terminate the contract with prior notice of at least twenty days (RCW 59.18.200).

Rent-to-Own Rental Agreement – A residential lease agreement allowing the tenant to acquire the premises under the terms agreed on by both parties. The price can be negotiated upfront or when the tenant exercises their option to purchase the property. 

Roommate Lease Agreement – This is an agreement between members of a shared living space. It stipulates how they should conduct themselves and their responsibilities while living there. 

Standard Residential Rental Contract – A typical housing agreement with a fixed lease term. The rent is payable at the same time every month and proper notice or cause must be given before the contract can be terminated while still in effect.

Sublease Contract – This contract allows a lessee to sublease the property. It comes in two options: a commercial sublease and a residential sublease.

Eight disclosure requirements

Fire Protection (§ 59.18.060) – At the start of the tenancy, the lessee is required to be given a copy of fire protection information plus an *evacuation strategy. This document usually includes a smoking policy, an emergency alert strategy, and if there’s a fire, ways to leave the property.

*For dwellings located in a building with two or more units.

Agent Information (§ 59.18.060) – The lessor is required to provide details of persons authorized to access the premises including their official address. If this detail is not stated in the rental contract, it has to be published visibly on the premises. NOTE: If the property owner isn’t dwelling in Washington, they are required to have an agent that resides in the county for official reasons. 

Lead-Based Paint Information – Required for buildings constructed before the year 1978, the landlord must inform occupants of the presence of hazardous paint inside the dwelling.

Mold (§ 59.18.060(13)) – The lessor must furnish the tenant with information about the hazards of mold as stated by the Department of Health.

Entry Checklist (§ 59.18.260) – The property owner must supply a move-in checklist to the occupant if a security deposit is collected. If this document is not supplied to the occupant, the tenant has the right to be given their entire deposit. 

Non-refundable Fees (§ 59.18.285) – If there are any non-refundable fees, they must be clearly stated. 

Receipt (§ 59.18.270) – The lessor is required to supply the name and address of the bank where the funds are stored. Furthermore, the lessor must state the terms of how the deposits are stored and withdrawn.

Voter Registration (SMC 7.24.080) (Only for Seattle) – The lessor is required to provide a voter registration kit to all occupants. 

Access to property

The lessor is required to provide notice of a minimum of two days before entering the property for non-emergency causes and one day’s notice if they seek to show the premises to another prospective tenant, according to § 59.18.150.

Money deposited as security

Maximum – No statutory limit.

Returning (§ 59.18.280) – A lessor is required to return the security deposit within twenty-one days of the occupant’s exit from the property.

Download our free Washington rental/lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Washington rental/lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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