Virginia rental/lease application form

A Virginia rental/lease application is a document that is used to verify information regarding a prospective tenant before recording a lease agreement. The candidate's information, along with their consent to the proposed checks, will be included in the lease application. The landlord will typically check the applicant's references and run a credit report on them. After completing the process, the landowner will either endorse or dismiss the applicant.

Virginia rental/lease application form template

Virginia rental/lease application form

Rental Requirements

Application Fee - Landlords might request an application charge not greater than $50; this cost incorporates no additional costs paid by the landowner for performing historical verifications, and so forth (§ 55.1-1203(C)).

Security Deposit - Landlords might request an initial deposit not surpassing two (2) months of rent (§ 55.1-1226(A)).

Expected inquiries during a rental applicant screening 

Planned date of moving

Initial tenant screening questions like this are excellent since they determine quickly whether you and your candidate will be a good match. There may be an immediate vacancy to fill, but your new tenant won't be able to move in for a month or so.

Pet availability

Prior to conducting a more thorough screening, pre-qualify applicants by using the preliminary tenant screening questions. You've saved yourself and the candidate time and trouble if you don't accept pets. Candidates should be aware of any restrictions on the quantity or size of pets if you allow them.

Length of stay in the previous rental

The length of time a potential renter has lived in their previous and current residence is a useful question to ask them. The likelihood is that they will do the same to you if they appear unsteady by jumping from property to property.

The motivation for relocating

Ask why the prospective tenants are moving; this basic but effective question may reveal previous issues, like evictions. Relocating may be necessary for both reasons, such as outgrowing the flat they're in or reducing the amount of commute time they spend.

Prospective smokers if any

Smoking can cause significant property damage, which is a critical tenant screening issue. When screening prospective tenants for smoking, you may not obtain an honest answer, but you may see a pack of cigarettes or smell smoke that gives you pause.

Salary or income

Tenants can save money this way while also protecting themselves from unforeseen expenses like auto repairs or medical bills. Income Insights are a valuable tool for examining the tenant's income along with pay stubs and an employment reference.

History of convictions

Before deciding whether an applicant is a good fit for your property, you should investigate this aspect of their background.
Note: the rental application must be signed so that consent for background checks can be formally collected from the application.

Download our free Virginia lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Virginia lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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