Utah rental/lease application form

A Utah rental/lease application is utilized by property owners to gather details about possible tenants intending to lease their property. The main component to look into is whether or not the prospective tenant can pay the month-to-month lease, which ought to be something like 1/3 of their income. After the candidate has finished and signed the request form, the landowner will utilize the given data to run a credit check.

Utah rental/lease application form template

Utah rental/lease application form


Application Fee - Application fees are non-refundable and there is no sum limit referenced in state regulation (no rule).

Security Deposit - Utah regulation doesn't give a cutoff to security stores mentioned by landowners (no rule).

Background checks on potential tenants are "essential," as every property manager or landlord knows. Many Utah areas are becoming hotbeds for rental homes, allowing property speculators, property managers, and even single-home renters to profit from the growing market. What's vital to remember is that not all tenants are excellent for business; as a result, tenant screening in Utah is becoming more important than ever.

Checks to conduct

For tenant screening background checks in Utah, property managers should consider the following options:

  • Criminal background checks at the state and county levels

  • Civil records checks at the state and county levels

  • Reports on credit

  • Searches for bankruptcy, court/tax liens, and civil judgments

  • Asset and business entity searches

While all of these searches may not be required for a simple background check, it's crucial to consider all types of properties and tenants when considering a Michigan tenant screening. 

Background check

A background check will provide you with information on a possible tenant's criminal history in addition to a credit report. It's vital to realize that having a criminal past isn't always a deal breaker. A small traffic violation or an old misdemeanor, for example, may not truly reflect an applicant's character, especially if they can explain the incident honestly. 

This section of the background check, on the other hand, can offer you a better picture of the type of person you might be renting to in general. You have a responsibility as a landlord to protect your fellow renters. If you fail to conduct a background check and subsequently rent to someone who turns out to be dangerous, you may be held responsible.

Reliable References

A potential tenant's ability to get one or three reliable references from a potential tenant is also a good sign. Make contact with their former or current landlord to inquire about their tenancy. By doing this, you'll be able to understand how they'll be as tenants. A red flag is when their references are insignificant or have nothing positive to say.

Financial history report

Property owners may have different requirements for the credit scores they want to see from a rental applicant. They may also look for past bankruptcies, late payments, and other negative information on your credit record. Your credit report also includes information about your monthly debt burden, which is useful if it affects your ability to pay your rent on time.

Download our free Utah lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Utah lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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