Texas rental/lease application form

A Texas rental/lease application is completed by an individual trying to lease a property. It permits a property owner to confirm certain information about the prospective tenant. The occupant will frequently be expected to pay a non-refundable fee while presenting the application to the property manager. The landowner will utilize the details given to run a credit report and confirm references.

Texas rental/lease application form template

Texas rental/lease application form


Application Fee - There is no restriction in regard to rental application expenses (no rule).

Security Deposit - There is no restriction to the sum a property manager can charge an occupant. 

What to look for when screening a candidate

Credit history of a tenant:

It is critical that the landlord thoroughly investigate the tenant's credit history on all rental applications. The credit score of an individual indicates how much debt they may have and how likely they are to pay their debts on time.

Tenant background and criminal background checks are required.

You can use tenant background checks to evaluate potential tenants and spot any red flags. The background check will yield slightly varied results depending on what you're looking for, but they will all confirm that the tenant is who they say they are. 

You may also want to look into their criminal background, whether federal, state, or local. Most background checks also make sure your prospective tenant isn't on any global terrorism watchlists or the sex offender registry, and that they haven't been evicted before.

Eviction and references

At all times, obtaining letters of recommendation from previous landlords should be part of the rental application process. Once you've received the letter, you can follow up with a phone call. Also, any tenant who has been evicted before should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

If a renter has previously been evicted, the landlord is rarely contacted for a reference. Even if a tenant has provided references, you must still verify the legitimacy of the landlord. You can check references to determine if they paid their rent on time and if the property was in good condition when they left.

Previous work experience

The first thing you should do is confirm that the renter works for the company he or she claims to work for and that the paychecks match the company's records. There are many employers who refuse to disclose information about their employees. It will be your responsibility to make sure that the information that you have with them is accurate. The best thing you can do is request a letter of income verification from the employer.

Financial background

It's a good idea to check a tenant's financial history or tax returns to make sure they have enough money to pay the rent and other obligations. Check to see if they make nearly three times as much as they pay in taxes. Even though a tenant is unemployed, he or she may be able to make rent payments. You can require proof of savings or other sources of income in this situation.

Download our free Texas lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Texas lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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