Tennessee rental/lease application form

Landlords and property owners in Tennessee use a rental/lease application to gather information on prospective tenants who are interested in leasing a property. In essence, the property manager will use the application to check the applicant's credit report and background. The tenant will be given a lease to sign after being granted permission to enter into a lease agreement.

Tennessee rental/lease application form template

Tennessee rental/lease application form

Requirements for Rent

Application Fee - There are no restrictions cited in state law (no resolution) and application costs are non-refundable.

Security Deposit: According to state regulations ( 66-28-301), there is no maximum amount for a security deposit.

An applicant screening guide

The information from the rental application document is used to direct a record check as the next step in the occupant screening process: As a property owner/agent, be sure to conduct these basic checks listed below;

History of employment.

A person's employment history can also be used to show their honesty. If a potential tenant consistently and predictably flips jobs, you probably won't be checking them out. Rent payments are more likely to be made by someone with a steady job than by someone who frequently switches jobs.

Tenant background check

To determine whether you can rightfully base a decision on a criminal background, you should first and foremost check with your state's housing regulations.

You can obtain crucial information from a historic verification regarding the previous criminal activities of the occupants. It is a good idea to run a criminal record check if your state permits it.  You should expect to be held accountable if an occupant does something wrong on your property.

Referrals and evictions

The process of applying for a rental home should always include requesting letters of recommendation from previous landlords. After you've received the letter, make sure to give them a call. Watch out for anyone who has previously experienced eviction as well.

Download our free Tennessee lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Tennessee lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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