Parking space rental agreement

The free parking space rental and lease agreement template is used to create a contract between a landlord that manages an area laid out for parking automobiles and allows a lessee to rent it to collect cash. The lease may have a start and end date or it may be renewed monthly. Vehicles may only be parked on the property by the lessee, and anything else is subject to an agreement with the property owner.

Parking space rental agreement template

Parking space rental agreement

Can be Used For

  • In need of parking space near their dwelling 

  • In need of parking space near their workplace 

  • Those who own two vehicles, but have space to park just one vehicle

  • For any other private parking

Using this lease

This agreement is similar to that of renting a property. A lessee would have to agree to the terms of the contract and the amount payable as rent. The lessee may also not sub rent the space unless with the approval of the property owner and the maintenance of the area may be the responsibility of the lessee.

Ways to get a parking space

You can make use of to find the charges for parking spaces in your locale. Alternatively, you can make use of Google Maps.

Late payment

When a lessee does not keep to their end of the contract, then their continued use can be regarded as a trespass of private premises.

In this case, the lessor has the right to remove such vehicles. 

How to Write

Section I. Property owner and Lessee

  • Parking Agreement Date: State the date the contract was signed.

  • Lessor’s Name: The name of the property owner.

  • Lessor’s Address: The mailing address of the property owner.

  • Lessee’s Name: The name of the party renting the space to park their vehicles.

  • Lessee’s Address: The mailing address of the lessee, i.e, where the lessee resides.

  • Parking Space: The location of the parking space.

Section II. Terms

  • Start of the contract: Record the date when the agreement commences or the period for the use of the lessee to park their vehicle.

  • Termination: State how the contract terminates; it could terminate on a specified date for a fixed-term contract. Or for a monthly contract, an advance termination notice has to be sent by either party.

Section III. Rent

  • Rent Due Date: The specific date when the rent is due and payable by the lessee.

  • Rent Amount: The amount payable as rent and stated in dollars.

  • Methods of Paying Rent: The acceptable means the lessee can make payment of rent.

Section VIII. Governing Law

  • Relevant Rules: Record the state where the parking space is situated.


  • Date of Signature: Date this contract becomes valid, .i.e, both parties have appended their signatures.

  • Lessor’s Signature. The signature of the property owner after approval of this contract also includes their name.

  • Lessee’s Signature: The lessee’s signature after consenting to this agreement.

Download our free Parking space rental agreement in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Parking space rental agreement in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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