North Dakota rental/lease agreements

 In North Dakota, you can make use of the free North Dakota rental and lease agreement template for the renting of property between a lessor and a lessee. After a potential lessee has viewed the property and deemed it fit for their dwelling, they will usually complete a rental application that allows the landlord to verify their employment status and background information. At the point of approval, the lessee may be required to pay a deposit, one month’s rent, and other fees that may be required. 

North Dakota rental/lease agreement templates

North Dakota rental/lease agreements

There are 6 basic types of North Dakota lease agreements:

Commercial Rental Lease Agreement – Used to create a lease agreement for a space intended for business or professional use. This can range from office space to industrial manufacturing and the lease tends to be negotiable. 

Monthly Rental lease Agreement – This type of tenancy may be canceled by the occupant and lessor and requires a minimum of thirty days' notice with rent renewable every month under § 47-16-15.

Rent-to-Own Rental Agreement – A lease that allows the occupant to acquire the property at a later date when certain conditions, outlined in the lease, are met. It’s also referred to as an option to purchase agreement. 

Roommate Lease Agreement – This is a type of lease agreement that’s used to create an agreement between the occupants of a shared housing unit. It governs their behavior and responsibilities while living in the property. 

Standard Residential Rental Contract –  A common residential contract with a start and end date typically lasting for one year.

Sublease Rental Contract – A subletting which has a lessee bringing in a new tenant to occupy their space for the remainder of the contract lease. Generally, there are two major types; a commercial sublease and a residential sublease.

Two disclosure requirements

Lead-Based Paint Information  – Required by federal law that all lessors of properties built before 1978 furnish their occupants with this information. 

Property Condition Statement – The lessor must furnish all occupants with a document that describes the present condition of the property. This has to be done at the time of occupation by the tenant and signatures appended by both lessor and lessee under § 47-16-07.2.

Access to property

The property owner may provide reasonable notice to the lessee before entering the occupant’s dwelling according to § 47-16-07.3.

Money deposited as security

The property owner is required to store all security deposits in a federally insured interest-yielding account for the use of the occupant.

Maximum (§ 47-16-07.1) – The lessor may require a maximum of one month’s rent for an occupant who has no pets and a maximum of two months’ rent or a maximum of two-thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) if pets are present.

Returning (§ 47-16-07.1) – Monies are required to be sent back within thirty (30) days from the vacation of the property.

Download our free North Dakota rental/lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free North Dakota rental/lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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