New York Rental/lease application form

A legally binding document known as a New York rental application enables a landlord to examine the references, credit, and background of a potential tenant. The verification will enable the landlord to decide whether the applicant would make a trustworthy tenant. Both parties should sign a lease if it is approved.

New York Rental/lease application form template

New York Rental/lease application form


Application Fee: The landowner is only permitted to charge no more than the cost of record verification or twenty dollars ($20). Candidate receipts should be issued (§ 238-A.1(b)).

Security Deposit: One (1) month's rent is the maximum amount for the security deposit (7-108.1-a(a), 576/74(f)).

A step-by-step guide to screening lease applicants

Various checks and crucial pieces of information may be included in your tenant screening strategy. The following details must be given when screening New York lease applicants:

  • Applicants Name in full

  • Email address of the applicant

  • Applicants Year of birth

  • SSN

  • Previously used address

  • Account number at a bank (optional)

  • Routing number of a bank (optional)

  • Criminal Background Checks

Tenant background check

In essence, you are leasing one of your most valuable assets to someone else. That's a huge step. Even if you'd like to believe that every possible tenant will treat your property (and your trust) with respect, this is not true. Knowing a little bit more about your potential tenants can go a long way toward assisting you in finding the ideal tenants because bad behavior in the past frequently predicts bad behavior in the future. One of the best preventative steps you can take to guarantee a trouble-free tenancy is to conduct background checks.

Employment history

In addition to information about previous employers and businesses, the applicant's work history also includes details about job titles and positions held, salaries received, dates of employment, and responsibilities carried out. This helps gauge the applicant's ability to consistently pay rent.

How to conduct an effective criminal background check

All criminal histories are kept on file under a person's name and birthdate. Therefore, this is the bare minimum of information needed to conduct an efficient check. However, relying only on these criteria can lead to confusion. Given the situation, it is not uncommon for two people with the same name to share the same birthdate. 

Fortunately, though it is not required, some districts and courts also list where the offender was when the incident occurred. In terms of focusing your search, this can be very advantageous. To help ensure you're looking at the right data for the right person, use as many additional one-of-a-kind identifiers as you can under the circumstances. The accuracy of your report can be greatly improved by including even a center name.

Download our free New York lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free New York lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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