New Hampshire rental/lease application form

Prospective tenants who have expressed interest in renting a vacant apartment or house are given New Hampshire rental/lease applications by landlords. Tenants are required to provide information such as their address, SSN, income, full name, and credit history. A written and signed consent must be gotten from the applicant for credit checks and background checks to be conducted. Since landlords are in charge of this data, they must make the application process simple and equitable.

New Hampshire rental/lease application form template

New Hampshire rental/lease application form

Making sure the initial screening procedure is carried out correctly is a crucial part of a property manager's job. Experienced landlords are aware that a bad tenant can ruin a rental, cause major disruption to other tenants nearby, and put the landlord in a difficult financial situation.

Despite the fact that it is impossible to read an applicant's mind, discrepancies between their answers and the screening reports can be found, and this can provide insight into how they have acted as renters in the past.

 Landlords should conduct a screening interview in addition to distributing the application form because in-person interactions frequently reveal more about a candidate than any other technique.

Laws of the state.

There is no maximum application fee. New Hampshire landlords are free to determine what fee they wish to charge for the application process. Regardless of the fee charged, it should remain the same for all applicants so as to avoid discriminating against them.

Security Deposits (540-A:6): When it comes to the security deposit, the maximum is $100, or one month's rent, whichever amount is greater.

Types of rental applications in New Hampshire

Rental applications are primarily divided into two types in the state of New Hampshire. You must choose the lease agreement that will be used based on the type of property being rented, the regional laws, and the type of lease agreement that will be used for the specific property. 


It is a common practice for landlords in New Hampshire to use the New Hampshire Standard Rental Application as a form of screening document. The specific requirements of the property owner or manager can be taken into account when customizing this form. 

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Rental Application 

It is recommended that landlords who provide housing to low-income tenants or those who provide housing under Section 8 use a HUD rental application. Specifically, it is made to only contain information that is permitted by the regulations that govern subsidized housing, as that is what it is intended to do.

Download our free New Hampshire lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free New Hampshire lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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