Nevada monthly lease agreement

For landlords looking to rent out a property in  Nevada on a monthly lease agreement, look no further. Here we provide all the resources necessary to help you draft an effective and legally binding document. This includes both general tips as well as specific instructions from the state of Nevada. We also offer a lease agreement template that you can customize to fit your own needs. 

Nevada monthly lease agreement template

Nevada monthly lease agreement

A Nevada monthly (month-to-month) lease agreement is a legally binding contract that enables a tenant to retain access to a property until the landlord or the tenant is ready to dissolve the agreement. In other words, it has a start date but it doesn’t have a set end date. The termination of the agreement must be issued with a 30 days notice before it becomes effective. Just like the traditional fixed-term contract, the landlord can make amendments to the agreement by issuing a notice to the tenant while observing the standard 30 days' notice. With that being said, the tenant can refuse to accept the changes, and, as a result, issue a notice to quit to the landlord. It also requires a 30-day notice before it can be considered valid. 

The lease agreement is similar to a standard lease agreement in that it has all the rules and regulations related to renting the specific property. Things like waterbed policy, pet policy, parking spaces, how much the security deposit is, etc. are all included. If the property was built before 1978, a lead-based paint disclosure should also be included. This will let the tenant know about any investigations and remedial efforts performed on the property. 

The landlord should also perform all the necessary background checks using the rental application form after it has been duly signed and completed by the tenant. Meanwhile, the required security deposit must also be made by the tenant before accessing the facility, coupled with all the necessary move-in inspections to ascertain the state of all equipment on the property.

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