Nevada rental/lease application form

As part of the rental screening process, a landlord or property manager in Nevada is legally permitted to check the credit report and background of prospective rental applicants using a lease application form. With the applicant's signature, the landlord can check the applicant's credit history, employment history, previous landlord references, and other information to make sure the applicant satisfies the requirements for timely monthly payments to be expected. A rental/lease agreement should be drafted and signed after the tenant is informed that the application has been reviewed.

Nevada rental/lease application form template

Nevada rental/lease application form

For tenants to obtain approval for their pets, they need to submit a separate application to the landlord.

Checks that are illegal to make in Nevada

  • Immigration status or citizenship inquiries are illegal in Nevada. 

  • An arrest record cannot be requested (to avoid discrimination).

  • In addition, discrimination based on race, nationality, income, disability, or family status is illegal. 

  • Pregnant women and families on welfare cannot be discriminated against. 

It is the landlord's responsibility to provide clear rejection specifications if a tenant is rejected. Applicants who are refused for reasons that have not been stated by the landlord must receive a refund of their application fees if their application is rejected.

Facts on the Nevada rental/lease application fee

The cost of a Nevada rental application does not have a set limit. The law in Nevada provides that landlords are free to choose the price they will charge for the application services that they provide to tenants. It is important to remember that 42 (out of 50) states do not restrict this price. Nevada is one of the states that allows landlords to charge application fees for renting a home. For most properties, between $30 and $50 is the price that one can expect to pay, with some exceptions for the more desirable properties.

Download our free Nevada lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Nevada lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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