Nebraska rental/lease application form

Property owners in Nebraska have the ability to interview potential tenants applying for a rental lease using a rental/lease application form. The tenant will be required to complete the lease form, sign it, and pay any applicable non-refundable fees. In a day or two, the occupant can anticipate hearing back from the landlord. Typical checks include credit checks, eviction history, employment history, criminal background checks, and lots more.

Nebraska rental/lease application form template

Nebraska rental/lease application form


Application Fee - There is no restriction to the amount charged as an application fee and it is non-refundable (no resolution).

Security Deposit - Tenants are expected to pay (1) month's lease for the initial deposit. Should the tenants like to keep pets, an extra 25% (25%) of the month-to-month lease might be charged.

What to check when screening an applicant

Employment and income history

Specify in your application that the tenant screening process will involve standard wage and employment status verification. The following details about the applicant should be requested from the employer: Title of the position, start date, position salary or hourly rate, typical commission, and any tips. If an employer requests evidence that you have the right to receive the requested information, you must present a completed rental application or other documents that demonstrate tenant consent.

Credit History 

Although every landlord has their own preferences, many do check rent applicants' credit scores. Additionally, they might look for past bankruptcies, late payments, and other negative indicators in your credit report. Another item in the credit report that is disclosed is the monthly debt load; this data is helpful if it affects the borrower's capacity.

Criminal record

Criminal records from state courts or public libraries on sex wrongdoers are examined in the criminal history report.  It will tell you whether the occupant has committed any crimes in the past. This is an absolute requirement if your state allows criminal record verification. It is your responsibility to take action if an occupant engages in illegal activity on your property.

Rental history check. 

A rental application's residence history comes next after you've looked over the personal and property information. To make an informed choice about each applicant, it is essential to look at their history of residence.

Many people hold the view that "past performance is no guarantee of future performance." However, when it comes to tenant screening, a candidate's prior habitation history is unquestionably one of the best predictors of what you can anticipate from a tenant who rents your property.

Reliable references

Last but not least, it's a good sign if a tenant can provide you with one to three solid references or letters of recommendation. Take the time to inquire about their tenancy from their current or previous landlord. Consequently, you'll have a better idea of what to expect from them as tenants. However, this is another cautionary sign if their references are inconsequential or unfavorable.

Download our free Nebraska lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Nebraska lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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