Montana rental/lease application form

Homeowners or property managers in Montana use a rental/lease application document to evaluate a prospective tenant's qualifications for a rental lease agreement. The applicant must enter all of their information completely in the application. The candidate will be required to sign and attest that the information provided is accurate and that they grant the landlord permission to review their information.

Montana rental/lease application form template

Montana rental/lease application form


Application Fee - There are no limitations on how much a landowner can charge for application expenses.

Security Deposit - Landlords have no restriction on the amount that can be demanded from the prospective tenant.

The procedure for screening rental applicants

Landlords and property managers use tenant screening to determine a tenant's suitability to occupy a rental property. A tenant screening will typically reveal a renter's financial history as well as their current financial situation. The results of the screening report will also show whether the tenant has ever been in trouble with the law or has a conviction record.

While researching potential tenants may appear to be time-consuming, it is an essential part of running a rental business. When looking for tenants who meet your requirements, there are several factors to consider and background checks to conduct. The following are some of the most common factors:

Employment History

Include a sentence in your application stating that standard wage and employment status verification will be carried out as part of the tenant screening process. The following details about the applicant should be requested from the employer: Job title, date of hire, position salary or hourly wage, average commission, and tips, if any. An employer may ask for proof that you are authorized to receive the requested information, in which case you must provide a signed rental application or another form that demonstrates tenant consent.

Criminal history background check 

Criminal records from state courts or public libraries on sex wrongdoers are examined in the criminal history report.  It will tell you whether the occupant has committed any crimes in the past. This is an absolute requirement if your state allows criminal record verification. It is your responsibility to take action if an occupant engages in illegal activity on your property.

A History of Evictions

Check to see if the applicant has a history of evictions or lease violations.

Credit report

If the tenant consents to a credit check, a report will either be a simplified "pass/fail" report, or a complete report including the tenant's credit score, occupation, income, past addresses, and credit inquiries. This will make it easier to assess the applicant's credit history and determine whether or not there is a chance that rent will go unpaid or be paid late.

Reliable References

You should ask for the names and phone numbers of references in this section, though you can also let your applicant attach letters of recommendation to their application with their signatures. To give their application a little more depth, you can also let potential tenants attach a rental cover letter or a resume.

Download our free Montana lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Montana lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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