Missouri rental/lease application form

Landlords frequently send the Missouri rental/lease application forms to potential tenants to ascertain whether they are a good fit for the rental or lease agreement. The requested details, which include financial data, rental history, and eviction history, are used to conduct background checks.

Missouri rental/lease application form template

Missouri rental/lease application form

The rental application fee laws in Missouri

There is no upper limit or maximum rental application fee that a landlord may charge a potential tenant in Missouri. It's best not to charge more than the average out-of-pocket expense, but the fee is ultimately up to the landlord.

In addition, under Missouri state law, a landlord may only request a security deposit equal to two months' worth of rent if a prospective tenant's application is accepted. Security deposit receipts are not required in Missouri, but the money must be kept in a bank that is federally insured.

Rent application processing guide

The Federal Credit Reporting Act stipulates that a tenant's written consent is needed before a landlord can perform a credit check using information from the tenant's submitted rental application as the basis. Therefore, this must be gotten from the applicant and signed at the start. 

Step two of the tenant screening process involves conducting a background check. Below are some checks to carry out;

Financial Assessment 

Detailed information about a person's credit history is contained in a credit report. They are an important indicator of a person's financial stability. A credit check will either produce a straightforward "pass/fall flat" report or a more thorough report that includes the applicant's FICO score as well as details about their income, business, previous addresses, credit requests, and other information.

Eviction Check

The eviction procedure looks at the occupant's prior record of removal applications or decisions made against them over the previous seven years. Additionally, landlord references should be included in rental applications. Be sure to follow up with a call after you receive the reference letter. You should keep an eye out for evicted residents.

Criminal history background check

The criminal history examines any records associated with the occupant, including those in state court criminal records or the public sex wrongdoer public library.  It will tell you whether the occupant has committed any crimes in the past. This is an absolute requirement if your state allows criminal record verification. It is your responsibility to take action if an occupant engages in illegal activity on your property.

Employment history

A good indicator of soundness is also one's past employment. People who routinely switch jobs will probably not be screened. Someone with consistent employment is more likely to pay the rent than someone who frequently switches jobs.

Download our free Missouri lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Missouri lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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