Minnesota residential sublease agreement

A Minnesota residential sublease agreement puts forth the conditions of a sublet agreement between a sub-lessor and a sub-lessee for a rental property where the sub-lessor is already a tenant. A sublet living situation often enables the sub-lessor to relieve some of the load of the original lease with the property holder or supervisor. The just integrated sub-tenant may be able to help with rent, utilities, groceries, and other financial matters. Despite another sublease, the sub-lessor remains liable to the property supervisor under the original lease (sometimes called a "master lease"). 

Minnesota residential sublease agreement template

Minnesota residential sublease agreement

Except if the master lease expressly bans subletting, the actual tenant may vacate the premises and let the sub-tenant take possession. For the security of both parties, a sublease agreement between the sub-lessor and the sub-lessee should be recorded. Note that the sublease cannot expand benefits or licenses above the master lease, nor may it last longer than the master lease's expiry date.

How to draft a Minnesota Sublease Agreement Form

1- Save the Minnesota Sublease Agreement on this webpage

This website contains a Minnesota residential sublease agreement template. The Minnesota residential sublease agreement template is accessible in both PDF and word documents.  

You also have the option to use our sublease generator to make a residential sublease that’s tailored to your situation. Click on the generate button on this page then answer a series of questions. The agreement will be created in just a few moments. 

2- Fill in the details for both parties. 

The date on which both parties agreed to sublet the property must be written in the blank places supplied in the agreement form.

In the blank line provided, the names of the sublessor(s) and sublessee(s), as well as the address of the property where the sublessor agrees to sublet, must be written.

3- Fill in the term

Fill in the date the sublessee takes possession of the property, and the date their ownership terminates in the blank spaces supplied in this section. 

4- The Rent 

Complete the blank space with the sublessee's rent payment amount and month and the manner of payment. 

5- Services and Utilities 

The sublessor agrees to pay for the utilities and services listed in the blank space in this section. The sublessee will be responsible for all other utilities and services simultaneously.

6- Checklist for Moving-In 

Before taking possession of the property, this agreement stipulates whether or not the sublessee and sublessor must complete the move-in checklist. 

Select the appropriate checkbox if the sublessee and the sublessor must complete the move-in checklist. If the sublessee and sublessor are not required to complete the move-in checklist, tick the appropriate checkbox. 

7- Lead-based paint

The parties must indicate whether the property was built before or after lead-based. Choose the appropriate checkbox and attach a lead-based paint disclosure if the building was built before 1978. 

If the building was constructed after 1978, select the corresponding checkbox.

8- Specify the premises' smoking policy. 

This paragraph indicates if smoking is permitted on the premises. If smoking is allowed on the premises, the parties must choose the appropriate option and complete the blank space to identify the areas where smoking is permitted. 

If smoking is not allowed on the premises or in communal places, you must select the appropriate option. 

9- The landlord's approval 

A landlord's approval is required for this agreement. A sublease can be granted in three ways: the landlord allows subletting, the landlord refuses to allow subletting but grants approval, or the landlord refuses to allow subletting but grants consent shortly after the sublease is authorized. Select the appropriate option by checking the corresponding box.

10- Other terms and conditions 

The parties must fill in the blank spaces supplied in this paragraph if any additional terms and conditions are required. 

11- Complete Agreement 

This section represents the parties' total agreement on these issues, and it supersedes any prior agreement. With the original lease attached, the sublessee and sublessor must enter their signatures, dates, and print names. 

To indicate their approval to the sublet of their premises as indicated in this sublease, the landlord must input their signature, date, and print their name on the document.

Download our free Minnesota residential sublease in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Minnesota residential sublease in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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