Minnesota roommate lease agreement

A Minnesota roommate lease agreement is a convenient way to keep track of the terms and conditions that roommates decide on in a shared living environment. When completed and signed by all parties involved, it becomes a legally binding agreement enforced in a Minnesota court. The signature of someone who accepts to take on a position outlined in this agreement binds them.

Minnesota roommate lease agreement template

Minnesota roommate lease agreement

How to draft a Minnesota roommate agreement form

1- Save the Minnesota roommate agreement template on this page.

This webpage has a template for the Minnesota roommate agreement document, accessible in two formats - PDF and word document. Click the download button to save it to your device. Another option is to use our document generator to create a customized lease agreement that’s better suited to your needs. Click the generate button to get started. 

2- Parties

In the first section, titled “parties,” fill out the date on which the agreement was made and the names of the roommates and the landlord/residence manager in the vacant space provided.

3- Description of the house

In this paragraph, the roommate will need to enter the address of the premises and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the common and private areas it contains in the blanks provided.

4- Term 

This section discusses how the agreement is considered. Select "fixed lease" and enter the requested details, such as the start and end dates, in the blank spots provided if the roommates want a fixed lease. 

If the roommates prefer the month-to-month lease, they must tick the applicable checkbox and enter the start and finish dates in the vacant spaces provided.

5-  Rent 

In this section, the roommate will state how the rent will be paid. If they'll be paying "the same rent," tick the checkbox, then enter the amount and indicate whether it'll be paid weekly, monthly, or in another fashion. 

Check the appropriate option and fill in the space if the roommates pay different rent amounts.

6- Late payment fee 

Check the applicable checkboxes in this section to designate whether or not a late fee applies. If this agreement contains a late payment clause, specify the fee and when it will be billed. You can choose whether the late fee is calculated as a "one-time penalty for each occurrence" or "each day rent is late" by selecting the relevant checkbox. 

7- A security deposit 

Check the appropriate boxes in this section to indicate whether or not a security deposit is required. If a security deposit is required, choose the appropriate option to calculate its cost in a month, two months, or other time structures.

8- Specific room

The roommates must check the required checkbox to specify how the rooms will be shared. If they have specific bedrooms, the roommate must tick the appropriate box. If they share a bedroom, they must also tick the appropriate checkbox. 

9- Period of proration 

The dates on which the housemates will move in and inhabit the residence are specified in this paragraph. If the roommate moves in on the start date, tick the checkbox. 

If the roommates want to move in before the start date, they can select that option and specify the date and the payment amount.


If the housemates pay the rent in advance, this clause explains that. The housemates will mark the appropriate choice box if the rent is not a prepaid type. 

If the rent is prepaid, the roommates must tick the appropriate box and provide the start and end dates for their prepaid rent. 

11- House rules and regulations 

The roommates can choose the home rules they agree to by checking the relevant boxes on this agreement form. If the roommates come up with a house rule that isn't listed on the agreement form, they can select "other" and fill in the blank line with the specifics.

12- Cleaning

This section explores the roommates' cleaning choices and whether they intend to hire a cleaner or not. If the roommates agree to hire a cleaner, they must tick the checkbox and clarify how they split the fees. 

If the roommates agree to clean independently, they must check the appropriate boxes and indicate whether they will clean on a timetable or on their own. 

13- Utilities and Services

By checking the required boxes, the roommates should signify the utilities and services they approve. If the roommates' utilities and services aren't included on the agreement’s list, they can check the box and fill in the blank in the portion labeled "other.”

14- Governing Law 

The roommate agreement form must state that the contract is regulated by Minnesota law. 

15- Signatures

On the Minnesota roommate agreement form, the parties sign their names. It is necessary to fill in the boxes provided with the roommates' and landlord's signatures, the date of their signatures, and their written names.

Download our free Minnesota roommate lease in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Minnesota roommate lease in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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