Massachusetts rental/lease application form

A Massachusetts rental application must be completed by prospective tenants to get a residential lease. A Massachusetts landlord can't run a criminal background check or a credit check on an applicant without getting their consent. Furthermore, the document asks if any other occupants will reside with the tenant or if there will be animals living there. The landlord or management company will run a standard background check upon receiving signed authorization.

Massachusetts rental/lease application form template

Massachusetts rental/lease application form


Application fee - A landowner is not permitted to impose an application fee, refundable or not. According to Section 15B(1)(b) of 254 CMR 7.00(1), land brokers and experts may bill a rental application fee.

Initial deposit - The initial deposit by the applicant should not exceed one (1) month's lease (Section 15B(1)(b)(iii)).

No contest - Any illegal background inquiry on the lease request form may be met with the response "no contest," which is an option for potential tenants when replying to any questions about criminal history (Chapter 276 100A).

What landowners are expected to check during screening

The landlord or property manager will make an effort to determine the tenant's suitability before handing over the keys and accepting them as tenants. To guarantee that their new tenant will pay their rent on time, landlords frequently use specialized reports that contain details on rental history, credit, eviction history, criminal background, employment, and income. The following data is gathered by the landlord as a result.

  • Rental History: This will ascertain the past records of houses lived in by the tenant

  • Earnings and employment records: This serves as a record to check the ability of the tenant to pay rent consistently and on time

  • Financial Status: This reveals the creditworthiness of the tenant and the history of debts to check the willingness of the tenant to pay

Criminal History: This is used to verify the criminal history of the tenant. This will help in ensuring that dangerous criminals or molesters are not dwelling on your property

Download our free Massachusetts lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Massachusetts lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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