Maryland rental/lease application form

A Maryland rental application allows a landlord to confirm and screen potential occupants before leasing a property. Prospective occupants will be required to disclose a lot of sensitive information about themselves during this screening. Additionally, the prospective tenant will have to sign and give consent for their credit and background checks to be done. As a landowner, your first concern should be to verify that the tenant will pay the rent on time, return the property to the condition it was rented in, and abide by the rules of the property.

Maryland rental/lease application form template

Maryland rental/lease application form


Application fee - There is no limit to the application fee. The landowner should return any unspent application charges more than ($25) within fifteen (15) days of their receipt (§ 8-213).

Initial deposit or security deposit- Landowners can request a deposit equivalent to two (2) months' rent (§ 8-203(4)(b)).

The step-by-step procedure for selecting candidates 

To determine whether a prospective tenant is qualified to live in a rental property, landlords and property managers use tenant screening. The results of a tenant screening typically include information about the renter's past and present financial circumstances. A screening report can also reveal whether the tenant has a criminal record or has ever been in legal trouble.

While it might seem time-consuming to conduct tenant research, it is a crucial step in managing a rental company. When looking for tenants who fit your requirements, there are a number of things to consider. Among the most typical ones are:

Income History

In your request, make it clear that you are conducting standard wage and employment status verification as part of the tenant screening procedure. The following details about the applicant should be requested from the employer: 

  • Job title/position, 

  • Date hired, If applicable

  • salary or hourly wage 

together with the typical commission or tips, Ask if there is anything else you need to be aware of, regardless of whether there will be a change in your monthly income over the next 12 months.

You must provide a copy of the signed rental application or other information release form to show that you have the tenant's consent in the event that the employer requests proof that you are authorized to receive the requested information.


Credit checks provide information about a candidate's financial situation and level of financial responsibility. An applicant's history of credit card debt, for instance, may be a sign that they are having trouble paying their bills.

Criminal history

Your ability to be approved for a rental may be impacted by previous felonies and misdemeanors, pending cases, and unresolved warrants. Tell your prospective landlord about any potentially troubling information in your criminal history. Adding a justification for your belief that your past transgressions won't prevent you from being a good tenant now might also be helpful.

A history of evictions

Check to see if the applicant has prior evictions or lease violations.

Reliable references

Request for reliable references that you can contact to understand the behavior of the tenant in their last property. Even though everything may look good on paper, it may turn out that the person isn’t a good tenant for various reasons.

Download our free Maryland lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Maryland lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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