Maine rental/lease agreements

 Maine rental and lease agreements are used in the state of Maine for renting a property from a lessor to a lessee. Once a tenant has inspected the premises, they usually fill out a rental application to provide the landlord with their employment information and background information. The lease between the landlord and tenant is created once the prospective tenant is accepted for tenancy. Once the agreement is signed by both parties, it becomes enforceable in a court of law. Rental Application – Used by the lessor for obtaining the lessee’s personal, financial and work-related details. 

Maine rental/lease agreement templates

Maine rental/lease agreements

Applicable regulations

HandbookChapter 14 – Tenant’s Rights

Residential Laws Title 14, Chapter 710 (Rental Property)

The 6 basic types of Maine lease agreement

Commercial Rental Lease Agreement – This lease is used to set out the terms for properties that are rented for business purposes. It’s often a complex contract that places much more responsibility on the tenant. There are multiple types of commercial leases as well. 

Monthly Rental lease Agreement(Title 14 § 6002) – Provision that allows the contract to be canceled at any time with at least one (1) month's prior notice from the landlord or tenant.

Rent-to-Own Rental Agreement – A standard lease that allows the tenant to acquire the property for an agreed-upon price with the property owner.

Roommate Lease Agreement – This is a lease contract developed for individuals seeking a shared housing arrangement. It determines how they’ll conduct themselves while living together and their individual or shared responsibilities. 

Standard Residential Rental Contract –  A residential rental contract that’s used to rent our property for individuals or families to live in. It includes terms such as the rent amount, the start date, and the end dates - amongst others.

Sublease Contract – A sublease is when a tenant with an active residential contract with a landlord rents their space to a new tenant (subtenant) to bear the responsibility on the premises for the rest of the term. Two sublease options are available; a commercial sublease and a residential sublease.

Eight disclosure requirements

Bedbugs Infestation Disclosure (§ 6021-A) – If the dwelling suffers an infestation of bedbugs or is in the process of some treatment, the tenant must be informed. Read also the Fact Sheet published by Maine Housing.

Electricity to Common Areas (§ 6024) – For common areas like hallways, staircases, etc, the lessor is not required to charge the occupant for heat, electricity, or any utility unless there’s an accord by both parties.

Energy Efficiency Disclosure (§ 6030-C) – Must be filled by the lessor and signed by the lessee.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – According to federal law, for residences built before 1978, property owners must inform their tenants of the presence of hazardous paints.

Radon Disclosure Form (pamphlet included) (§ 6030-D) – Beginning in the year 2012, the lessor must every ten years check for the existence of radon. This form is required to be provided to every occupant of the property.

Rental Housing Rights Disclosure Form (Portland, Maine ONLY) – this document is required to be issued to the lessee before the start of the tenancy.

Security Deposit Location (§ 6038) – The lessor is required to make available the bank account information where deposits are to be held. 

Smoking Policy (§ 6030-E) – The lessor is required to state their policy on smoking on the premises.

Having access

The landlord may enter the tenant’s space but must provide the tenant with at least twenty-four hours' notice for any non-emergency cause. 

Money deposited as security

Maximum (§ 6032) – The lessor may demand a maximum of two months’ rent at the start of the tenancy. 

Returning (§ 6033) – The lessor is required to send back funds associated with a security deposit within thirty days if it is a rental with a start and end date and twenty-one days if it is a monthly lease.

Download our free Maine rental/lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Maine rental/lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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