Louisiana rental/lease agreements

 Using the Free Louisiana rental and lease agreement template, a lessor can rent a property to a lessee in Louisiana. Generally, after viewing the property, a prospective tenant will complete a rental application that will enable the lessor to determine their employment status and background information. The lease stating the agreed-upon terms between the landlord and tenant is created if the prospective tenant is accepted for the tenancy. Rental Application - Provides the lessor with personal, financial, and employment information about the lessee. 

Louisiana rental/lease agreement templates

Louisiana rental/lease agreements

The 6 basic types of Louisiana lease agreement

Commercial Rental Lease Agreement – This is a lease agreement that deals with the terms and conditions related to renting a commercial space. Generally speaking, this type of lease places more demands on the tenant and is more complex than a standard residential lease.

Monthly Rental Lease Agreement (CC 2728) – A contract of rental with no specified end date for termination of tenancy, but can be terminated by either landlord or tenant upon prior written notice of at least ten days.

Rent-to-Own Lease Agreement – This is a contract between the tenant and landlord that allows the tenant to buy the property in the future when certain conditions are met. The price of the future purchase can be negotiated in advance or it can be left for when the option to purchase is exercised. .

Roommate Lease Agreement – A contract that describes how members of a shared dwelling, such as roommates, will manage and maintain the common areas of the dwelling, such as living rooms and kitchens.  

Standard Residential Lease Agreement – A fixed-term residential rental contract. This type of contract is the most common lease agreement in use across the state. 

Sublease Lease Agreement: When a lessee has already signed a lease with a lessor and wants to bring another tenant to assume responsibility for the rented property, it’s called a sublease. The sublessee will complete the rest of the lease contract with the original tenant acting as the lessor. This arrangement may require approval from the landlord. It also comes in two options; a commercial sublease and a residential sublease.

One disclosure requirement

Lead-Based Paint Information – According to state law, all landlords must inform tenants of the presence of lead-based paint in properties built before 1978.

Having access

There is no requirement for the lessor to notify the tenant before entering the tenant's dwelling for repairs. However, it is advised that the lessor maintains rapport with the occupants and regularly provides them with some form of notification. 

Money deposited as security

Maximum – No limits

Returning (Revised Statute 9:3251) – A landlord is required to send back all funds associated with the security deposit to the lessee within one month from the expiry of the tenancy.

Download our free Louisiana rental/lease agreement in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Louisiana rental/lease agreement in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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