Kentucky rental lease application form

The Kentucky rental/lease application form is used to collect information from prospective tenants for a rental lease in a coordinated way. A request form must be prepared in advance, and it should take the necessary amount of time to ensure that all information submitted is correct and complete. As a result, all prospective tenants will be required to provide the same kind of information, ensuring a fair data collection process. The consent of the applicants must be gotten in writing before proceeding with the screening exercise.

Kentucky rental/lease application form template

Kentucky rental lease application form


Application Fee (No Statute) - Kentucky landowners are lawfully permitted to set any sum for the lease request application process.

Security Deposit (No Statute) - There is no limitation to the amount charged as an Initial Deposit. Therefore, landowners that request an initial deposit might demand any sum they want.

Types of applicant/tenant screening to conduct

The more thorough your Kentucky Tenant Screening Checks are, the more information you get about the applicants in the shortest time possible. Below are some of the key checks to make:

  • Past rental information: It either verifies the former addresses provided by the applicant or tells you that the applicant is concealing the former addresses. It is common for applicants to conceal a former address due to eviction or damage they caused to the property or debts owed to the landlord. If you choose, you can include in your tenant screening package a state-specific or national Eviction History.

  • Criminal records background check: You can be confident that your tenants do not have criminal records in another state or are wanted fugitives elsewhere if you conduct a nationwide criminal record search.

  • Social Security Number Fraud Check: The idea of giving a false social security number is another way to cover up a poor rental history. Identity theft may also be involved. Do not fall victim to this. 

  • Credit Check: It is important for the majority of landowners to obtain a complete credit report of the applicant's financial history. Financial statements are an important tool to consider because they provide a detailed analysis of an applicant's financial ability to the landowner. A landlord uses it to determine if a renter is capable of paying. Additionally, getting the applicant's financial report allows you to determine if they will pay their rent on time. 

  • Employment/income background check: It is important to check this feature to see how well the applicant will pay their rent on time and how dedicated and considerate they will be to their landlord and the rental space. Applicants should complete this section of the application form with details about their current and past employment. The employer can also be included.

When the application has been filled, the applicant needs to sign for consent to be valid.

Download our free Kentucky lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Kentucky lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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