Iowa rental/lease application form

A rental/lease application in Iowa is a document that confirms a potential tenant's identification, employment, and income. It’s a typical document that landlords ask potential tenants to fill before extending a lease to the prospect. The application serves as a framework for entering data. It also includes an agreement line that allows the landlord to look into the individual's claims, like current contact information and employment status.

Iowa rental/lease application form template

Iowa rental/lease application form


Application Fee - Landlords can charge any sum to cover the costs of the application (no statute).

Security Deposit - A security deposit of two months' rent is the maximum amount a landowner can require (562A.12(1)).

Step by Step Process For a Lease Applicant Screening

Many different checks and critical pieces of information may be included in your tenant screening procedure. The following information is to be provided during an IOWA lease applicant screening process:

  • Applicants Full name

  • Applicants Email address

  • Applicant's Date of birth

  • Social Security number

  • Previous address

  • Bank account number (optional)

  • Bank routing number (optional)

  • Criminal Records

  • Background Check including rental history

As a landlord, you're essentially lending one of your most important assets, a home, to someone you don't know. That's a significant step, and as much as you'd like to believe that all potential tenants are excellent people who would never harm your property (or your trust), this is simply not the case. Past bad conduct frequently predicts future bad behavior, so learning a little more about your potential tenants can go a long way toward helping you get the ideal tenants. As a result, background checks are one of the most effective preventive actions you can take to ensure that your tenancy goes well. 

  • Employment Records.

The applicant's employment history includes information on his or her previous employers and firms, as well as job titles and positions, held, salary, dates of employment, and attended duties.
Date, SIgnature, and References

Download our free Iowa lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Iowa lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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