Idaho rental/lease application form

An Idaho rental application is a document used by landlords to collect information from potential tenants hoping to sign a rental lease agreement. With a standard form, a landlord or manager can concentrate on specific pieces of information, such as employment history or previous rental experience. It can be helpful if many applicants are applying for the same rental property. Also, by using a standard form that is compliant with federal and state legislation, landlords are protected from tenants who are unhappy because they weren't selected. 

Idaho rental/lease application form template

Idaho rental/lease application form

Requirement for Rent

Application Fee -There is no limit to the amount that a landlord can charge as an application fee. (no law).

Security Deposit - The Idaho landowner has no limit to the amount that they charge as an initial deposit (no law).

Step by Step Guide to an Applicant Screening

A record verification is the next step in the occupant screening process, which employs the information contained in the rental application form: Kindly undertake the following checks

Financial Check

Credit reports provide a detailed picture of a tenant's financial situation. Credit checks provide information about the current address and the address history, credit card accounts, loans, account payment histories, and recent applications for credit. The result of a credit check will either be a less complex "pass/fall flat" report, or a more extensive report including the applicant's FICO rating and information about their income, business, past locations, credit requests, and even more data.

Eviction Check

The eviction process examines the occupant's history of removal filings or decisions against them during the most recent seven years.

Criminal History Check

A criminal history takes a look at means to show any records including the occupant in state court criminal records or data sets like the public sex wrongdoer public library.

Employment History.

Furthermore, business history can serve as a good indicator of soundness. People who routinely switch jobs will probably not be screened. Rent is more likely to be paid by somebody in steady employment than by someone who regularly changes jobs.

Tenant Background Check.

First, check with your state housing regulations if you can check their criminal history legally. It will tell you whether the occupant has committed any crimes in the past. This is an absolute requirement if your state allows criminal record verifications. You must take responsibility if an occupant engages in illegal activity while on your property.

References and Eviction

A landlord's reference letter should continue to be an important part of the rental application process. When you get the reference letter, make sure to follow up with a call. Keep a close eye out for past evictees.

Download our free Idaho lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Idaho lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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