Georgia rental/lease application form

The Georgia rental application form is designed to help landlords find tenants to rent out a property and finally sign a rental lease. Using the application, landlords and property managers can keep track of their search information in an organized manner. This form permits a landowner to obtain a tenant's details and employment history, along with a credit check. The form is compliant with the Fair Housing Act and Georgia laws regarding landlord-tenant relationships. 

Georgia rental/lease application form template

Georgia rental/lease application form


Application Fee - Georgia has no limitations on the sum a landlord might charge. There is no restriction on how much a property manager might charge for a non-refundable expense (no statutes).

Security Deposit - There is no restriction to the sum that might be requested as security (no resolution)

What to check when Screening an Applicant. 

  1. A Tenant's Credit History  

On all rental applications, it is important that the landlord carefully check the tenant's credit history. A person's credit rating shows how much debt they may have and how likely they are to pay their bills on time. Ensure that they fill out the credit check consent form

  1. Tenant Background and Criminal check.

Tenant reference searches allow you to assess prospective tenants and identify any red flags. Depending on what you're looking for, your background check will reveal slightly different information, but it will all confirm that the tenant is who they say they are. They'll also look into the criminal history, whether it's federal, state, or county-level. Most background checks also ensure that your prospective tenant is not on any worldwide terrorism watchlists or the sex offender register and that they have not been convicted in the past.

3. References and Eviction.

Obtaining letters of recommendation from past landlords should be included in the rental application procedure at all times. You may contact the recipient by phone once you've received the letter. Also, beware of anyone who has been evicted previously.

A landlord who has evicted a tenant before is rarely contacted as a reference. Even when a tenant provides references, you must still verify the identity of the landlord. Verify their references to see if they paid rent on time and how the property looked when they left.

4. Employment History.

Confirm the tenant's identity and that the paychecks match the records of the employer. Employers rarely divulge information about their employees. The verification of information rests with you, therefore it is best to request a letter of income verification. 

5. Financial History.

Checking a tenant's past financial history or tax returns to confirm they have enough money to pay the rent and bills is a good idea. Determine if they earn roughly three times what they pay in rent. Even though a tenant is unemployed, he or she may still be able to pay the rent. In this instance, you can demand proof of savings or other sources of income.

Download our free Georgia lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Georgia lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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