Delaware rental/lease application form

The Delaware rental/lease application is a legal document that property managers may use to verify a tenant's credentials when they lease a property. A standard application for rental property will require information from an applicant to address several important questions that most property owners and landlords want to be answered. For instance, a landlord's first concern is whether a potential tenant can pay their rent regularly during the tenure of the rental agreement.

Delaware rental/lease application form template

Delaware rental/lease application form


Application Fee - The highest amount a landlord is allowed to charge the prospective tenant as a fee to screen candidates is 10% of the month-to-month lease or $50 (§ 5514(d)).

Security Deposit - No landlord may require a security deposit over 1 month's rent where the rental agreement is for 1 year or more. (§ 5514(a)).

The State of Delaware abides by the following screening laws during the candidate application screening process.

  • The amount of an application fee that a landlord can charge is regulated by the state.

  • Landlords in Delaware are only allowed to claim greater than 10% of one month's rent or $50.

  • There are no refunds on application fees charged to cater for the cost of the investigation carried out by the Landowner. This fee isn't refundable no matter what the result of the application.

  • In some cases, the tenants will be required to pay pet deposits for the rental of a building if the tenants decide to keep pets. 

Landlords in Delaware, like any other business owner, should ensure that they are well-versed in the state laws that apply to them.

An overview of the Delaware applicant screening process 

The Property

The property of interest needs to be properly described. This could be done by classification of the property of interest as a space, house, apartment suite, coop, and e.t.c. The following information may also require the size of the property of interest, and the number of rooms found in the property mentioned. Record the complete amount that will be paid as the month-to-month rent in this region of the lease, address (for instance "Street Address," "City, etc), and Pets. Expecting the potential tenant will need to keep pets, and Smoking. For the situation where smoking is allowed on the property. 

Applicant Details

It is required that the applicant's full details be provided, this may include the applicant's full name, Date of birth, SSN, driver's license number, mobile number, and so on


One of the actions to be carried out during screening is for the landowner to verify the financial status of the potential tenant.  This may require the landlord to go through the tenant's financial record as well as his income history as this information is important the fact that it confirms the tenant's ability to pay the amount charged as rent. A background check and credit check are the needed authorizations required from the applicant


It is also important that the tenant verify his criminal records with the landowner. 

Current Employment

Normally, the Landlord makes a very thorough investigation to be well informed about the candidate's ability to pay the lease. As a result, the applicant will often include income from work in his/her application. Indicate the organization where the applicant works.


The tenant will have to provide references from their family, companions, and colleagues. This reference might be reached by the landowner or property manager assessing this application, therefore the full name of the tenant’s reference should be written.

Lastly, the applicant will need to sign the application and consent forms.

Download our free Delaware lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Delaware lease application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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