Colorado rental/lease application form

Landowners and property managers in Colorado use a rental or lease application to gather information about potential tenants. While searching for new occupants, landowners and property managers should adhere to all applicable state and federal laws. This suggests that if an applicant has a poor payment history or a history of late rent payments with previous landlords and property managers, their request may be denied. However, it is illegal for property managers to reject a potential tenant due to a physical or mental impairment because doing so would violate the Government Fair Housing Act of 1968.

Colorado rental/lease application form template

Colorado rental/lease application form


Application fee - Landowners can charge potential tenants any sum so long as the whole of the money is utilized to take care of the costs incurred by the property manager. This expense should be uniform with the sums charged to other tenants (§ 38-12-903).

Security deposits- There is no restriction to the sum a landowner might demand as an initial deposit (no resolutions).

How to process a rental application

Following receipt of a rental application, the next step in the screening process is to conduct a background check: The following are the various checks that can be carried out;

Credit Check – Depending on the tenant's written consent, a credit check can either provide the tenant with a simple "pass/fail" report, or a complete credit report from TransUnion that includes the tenant's credit score, employment information, past addresses, and credit inquiries.

Eviction Check – an eviction check shows a tenant's history of eviction filings or judgments against them within the past seven years

Criminal history check: This check looks to find out if the tenant has any criminal records in state court or databases such as the national sex offender registry. The eligibility of an applicant cannot be determined using criminal history records older than five years before the application date, except in cases involving a sex offender registry, methamphetamine abuse, or murder charges. Because of this, applicants cannot be denied based on these reasons.

Download our free Colorado application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Colorado application in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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