Arkansas rental/lease agreements

 An Arkansas rental and lease agreement is an agreement between a property owner and a tenant. It details every aspect of the tenancy agreement between the two parties, including the lease's terms and conditions as well as the parties' privileges and responsibilities. The length of the rent or lease, the terms for terminating the agreement, the conditions to continue the lease, and the price of the rent are all explicitly described in a tenancy agreement. Before the lease agreement may take effect, both parties must agree to the document's terms and authorize the contract by appending their signatures

Arkansas rental/lease agreement templates

Arkansas rental/lease agreements

Rental Application: Tenants may be required to pass a credit check and employment/income verification before signing the lease.

6 Types of Arkansas Rental Agreements

There are six types of a rental agreement

  • Rent to own: This type of agreement gives an option for the tenant to acquire the building once the rent duration expires. This contract is normal among homeowners who want to collect rent and probably sell their home to the renter at a pre-determined price.

  • Month-to-month lease agreement: When a landlord doesn't want to give out their property for a long time, they adopt this type of rental agreement. It is a lease for a short term

  • Standard residential lease agreement: This is to lease out a residential premise for a specific time frame, mostly a year. The tenant is required to pay the first month's rent, as well as any other form of deposit when the lease is signed. Both the landlord and the tenant are obligated to the lease until it expires.

  • Sublease agreement: When a tenant decides to move out before the expiration of the lease, he can lease out the apartment with the permission of the landlord. A sublease agreement is drafted for such a purpose 

  • Roommate rental agreement: This contract is used by the landlord when he's renting out just a portion of the building, the agreement will contain some rules, conditions, and boundaries

  • Commercial lease agreement: This type of agreement is used whereby the tenant decides to rent the premises for business purposes. Commercial leases are typically 5-10 years long, with the tenant having the option to renew at a pre-determined rate

What You Should Know About Lease Agreements in Arkansas

Arkansas landlord-tenant legislation stipulates that the security deposit cannot exceed two months' rent. Within 60 days of the lease's conclusion, the security deposit must be refunded to the tenant. If the landlord is unable to contact the renter for 180 days, Arkansas law states that the money becomes the landlord's property. Arkansas does not require landlords to provide renters with any specific disclosures. Nevertheless, landlords must disclose a lead-based paint declaration if a residential property was built before 1978. This is a federal statute.

Duties of The Landlord

While a landlord's duties or responsibilities may differ slightly from state to state, they are generally similar. There’s equal emphasis on the landlord's obligations and the effects of failing to meet those obligations.  The landlord is responsible for the following:

  • Make any necessary repairs to maintain your home, making it safe and livable.

  • Install a smoke alarm and make sure your plumbing, heating, sanitary, and electrical systems are all working properly.

  • If the landlord provides appliances such as a stove or refrigerator, he or she is liable for their repair if they break down.

  • If the landlord provides appliances such as a stove or refrigerator, he or she is liable for their repair if they break down. Maintain the stairwells, walkways, and other public parts of the building in a safe condition.

  • Follow the construction codes in your area. Many cities and counties have passed ordinances specifying what defines a safe and secure environment, including window screens, hot and cold running water, and door locks, among other things. The rules are referred to as the "Housing Code." Contact your city hall or district regulations office to find out if your city or district has a Residential Code and what it says.

Duties of The Tenant

The following items are the tenant's responsibility:

  • Payment of rent on time.

  • Respect the rights and privacy of the landlord and other renters.

  • Do not indulge in the destruction of the property and the furniture and appliances or allow others to do so.

  • Maintain the premises, and ensure it is always clean and sanitary as the situation permits.

  • Garbage and waste should be disposed of in a clean and hygienic manner.

  • Do not do anything that would endanger other tenants, the residential premises, or the communal property.

  • On the premises, you must involve yourself in any criminal acts or conduct illicit business.

  • Do not break the residential tenancy agreement or lease in a significant way.

  • Ensure to give a key to the landlord if the locks are changed during the tenancy.

  • Collect written approval from your landlord before subletting the apartment.

  • Make use of the property as a living space; use the buildings as a residence, and the rooms for their intended purposes. The bedroom, for example, must be utilized exclusively as a bedroom and not as a kitchen.

  • Do not remove or enable anyone else to remove any portion of the structure, housing unit, amenities, equipment, or appurtenances.

Duty Of An Agent To landlord and Tenant

For the purposes of the serving procedure and receiving and receipting notices and claims, any person permitted to join a domestic lease or tenancy in place of the owner or owners of the premises is regarded to be the owner's agent. The agent has duties to play to both landlord and tenant

Duties To Tenant

  • Providing guidance on crucial aspects of the property

  • Rendering all charges to applicants or tenants at the moment where they can cancel the arrangement without penalty

  • Providing advice on who holds the deposit

  • Ensure that applicants comprehend rental agreements and procedures, and that they have the option to seek counsel or ask questions before signing.

Duties to Landlords

  • To administer the property in accordance with the agreed-upon business terms

  • To keep keys safe and not jeopardize property security.

  • The help in the search for potential tenants

  • They act as a medium of rent collection

Download our free Arkansas rental/lease agreement in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Arkansas rental/lease agreement in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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