Alaska roommate lease agreement

A roommate lease agreement in Alaska is a contract between people who share a home. The monthly rent, as well as responsibility for utilities and other costs, will be included in the document. In addition, guidelines for visitors and the use of mutual spaces such as the kitchen and restrooms should be established. Cleaning schedules or the expense of cleaning may also be incorporated into the lease agreement.

Alaska roommate lease agreement template

Alaska roommate lease agreement

A guide on drafting a roommate agreement in Alaska

1 - Download the files from this webpage 

This webpage contains the roommate agreement form in both pdf and word versions. Click on the appropriate option to save the document. You can also use our document generator to create a customize roommate lease agreement that’s better suited to your needs. Click the generate button on this page to get started. 

2 - Specify the date and the names of the individuals involved. 

Fill in the date and year the Agreement was signed in the first two blank slots provided in the first section labeled "THE PARTIES." Fill in the blank space provided after the word "roommates" with the names of your roommates on the next line. The empty line labeled "Landlord" is the last blank spot for this part; fill it out accordingly with the name of the property manager or landlord.

3 - Complete the residence information. 

Fill in the address of the property, the number of bedrooms, baths, common areas, and private areas found on the premises in the appropriate blank spaces provided in the "Premises" section. 

4- Fill in the lease's period. 

Fill in the start and end dates of the renting period on the blank sections provided for the roommate agreement. At the start of the rental period, the New Tenant must be allowed to move in.

5 - Set the Rent 

Select the checkbox in the 'Rent' column and enter the rental fee in the space provided. By ticking and filling in the spaces on the line beneath, you can specify the day of the week or month on which the rent is due. However, if you wish to pay otherwise, there is an extra space labeled "other." Add any late rent costs that are billed, as well as when they are billed (the number of days after the rent is due).

6 - security deposit 

The amount of the security deposit should be specified. Tick the "Not Required" checkbox if the roommate arrangement lease does not demand a security deposit. Tick the box labeled "Required" if the security requires a security deposit. Once you've selected "Required," check the box next to "one(1) Month's Rent, Two(2) Month's Rent, or other" to choose the amount of the security deposit. 

You must mention when the security deposit will be returned to the housemates in the following paragraph.

7 - Rooms 

Check the correct box in the "specific rooms" section. Tick the box if the housemates will be sharing a specific bedroom. If the roommates have shared bedrooms, however, select the checkbox. 

8 - Period of proration 

By checking the relevant selection, you may specify when the housemates will move in. Check the first checkbox if they move in on the start date; if they move in before the start date, check the corresponding box and specify the date the roommate will move into the premises, as well as the amount the roommates agree to pay for moving in earlier.

9 - Prepayment 

If the roommates pay prepayment, check the box. Include the rent amount, as well as the start and end dates. 

10 - House regulations 

For home rules that everyone agrees on, the roommates should mark the corresponding checkboxes. They should leave the house rules they don't agree with blank.

11- Cleaning 

Cleaning is found under the section named "Cleaning." The roommates should check the relevant checkboxes. The applicable box should be checked if they agree to employ a cleaner to do their cleaning. If the roommates agree not to engage a cleaner, they should mark the relevant checkbox and describe whether the cleaning routine will be done on their own or on a schedule. 

12 - Utilities and Services 

Make a clear statement about the utilities and services provided, as well as how the utility charges will be shared among the co-occupants in this sector.

13 - Governing Law 

The Alaska Landlord and Tenant Act controls this document and is incorporated into it by reference, according to this section. 

14 - Signatures of the parties involved

The agreement's final portion is the signature section. Individuals engaged in the agreement, such as the Landlord and roommates, must fill up the sections provided with their signatures, the date, and their names.

Download our free Alaska roommate lease in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Alaska roommate lease in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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