Alaska rental/lease agreement

 An Alaska lease agreement is a legal document that allows a landlord to rent a property to a tenant for a monthly fee. After reaching an oral agreement and verifying their financial qualifications, the landlord will prepare the lease. After both parties sign the lease, They’re bound by its provisions until the lease expires. 

Alaska rental/lease agreement template

Alaska rental/lease agreement

Lease Agreements

There are six types of lease agreements -  commercial, month-to-month, rent-to-own, room rental/roommate, standard, and sublease agreements. The length of the tenancy and the purpose/use of the properties determine the type of lease agreement used.


Any information concerning the property or a renter's rights that is shared with them is referred to as a disclosure. Landlord disclosures are typically discussed with tenants before they move in, and they may be included in the lease, rental agreement, or other written instrument. There are four (4) disclosures required in this lease agreement and they are as follows:

The agreement must indicate that the landlord must be alerted if the tenant leaves the property for longer than seven (7) days.

  • Lead-Based Paint Disclosure 

The lead-based paint declaration and pamphlet must be sent to new renters in all housing units established before 1978, according to federal law.

The landlord must write the person(s) authorized to accept the tenant's notices and demands.

The terms must be indicated if the landlord wants the ability to keep the security deposit after the lease period for any reason.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is a sum of money given at the beginning of a rental agreement. The landlord keeps this sum of money during the rental agreement or lease. It covers any damage the renter causes in the apartment until the lease period is up. By promising to repay the deposit if the apartment is not destroyed, the landlord encourages the renter to keep the property in good repair.

Note: As for the maximum amount, unless the amount is more than two thousand dollars ($2,000), the landlord can only charge a maximum of two (2) months' rent. This clause does not apply to rental units with a monthly rent of more than $2,000.00. There is no limit if the monthly rent exceeds $2000.

In return, proper termination by the tenant requires the landlord to return the security deposit, in fourteen (14) days, thirty (30) days if the tenant does not give proper termination to the landlord (§ 34.03.070(g)).

Steps in filling out the form

These are available for download in PDF and Word formats on this page. Conversely, the faster option is to use our document creator to build your own lease agreement customized to your needs and location. 

Step 1: Enter the signing date and the landlord’s and tenant’s information (Name, Mailing Address, City, and State).

Step 2: Check one of the boxes if it's a fixed or month-to-month lease. If no renewal is sought at the end of the term/tenure, choose one of the two options if the lease term/tenure is fixed.

Step 3: Check one of the boxes if the property has any additional inhabitants besides the tenant. Also fill in the property information (Mailing address, city, state, residence type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms).

Step 4: Check one of the boxes to indicate the tenant's or occupant's purpose and use of the property, as well as the furnishing and provision of appliances.

Step 5: Fill in the required data for the rent, NSF checks, security deposit, move-in inspection report, prepayment, and proration period.

Step 6: Fill in the gaps on the landlord's and tenant's obligations and rights. Ranging from parking, utilities, smoking policy, pets, agent/manager, right of entry, guest, maintenance/repairs, disputes, indemnification, absence, lead paint, and governing law.

Step 7: If any, indicate by writing down additional terms and conditions that may apply. Having agreed to all terms and conditions, all parties involved should sign and fill in print names. The amount due at signing should be meticulously listed out and the sum total provided underneath as well.

Note: The tenant's print name and signature must be written and signed twice by the party.

Step 8: Finally, the disclosure information on lead-based paint/lead-based paint dangers has to be approved by all parties. It requires all parties to sign and print their names, confirming that they agree to the information's accuracy and veracity. 

Note: The tenant's name and signature must be written and signed twice.

Download our free Alaska lease agreement in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Alaska lease agreement in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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