Alabama rental/lease agreement templates

 The Alabama rental and lease agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms under which a tenant (or lessee) rents a property from a landlord. Once signed, lease agreements are legally and mutually binding contracts that spell out the tenant's and landlord's (or lessor’s) obligations and rights.  When leasing residential property in Alabama, landlords and property management organizations use the Alabama lease agreements.N.B: Because the Alabama lease agreement is a legal document that can be enforced in court, it is critical to ensure that your lease conforms with all of Alabama's landlord-tenant laws. 

Alabama lease agreement template

Alabama rental/lease agreement templates

Types of Rental and Lease Agreements

  1. Fixed Lease Agreement: A fixed lease agreement as the name implies is a lease agreement that is valid for a fixed amount of time- usually one year. At the end of the fixed lease term, the tenant can choose to renew the agreement or vacate the premises.

  2. Monthly Lease Agreement: A monthly lease agreement is also known as a periodic lease agreement. It is an agreement that needs to be renewed from month to month, that is, The lease term lasts for only one month.

  3. Sublease Agreement: A sublease agreement allows a tenant to rent out the property to a third party. For example, if a tenant does not intend to stay in an apartment unit anymore but does not wish to terminate his lease, he can rent it out to another person by drawing up a sublease agreement. He would have to check the landlord’s terms for sublease first though.

  4. Roommate Lease Agreement: Similar to sublease agreements, the roommate agreement allows a tenant to rent out a part of the property (usually a room in the house or apartment) to another party. The tenant is allowed to draw up their own rules and regulations for renting the property as long as these rules do not violate any rights or the law.

  5. Rent-to-own Agreements: This type of agreement gives the tenant the option of buying the property at the end of the lease term

  6. Commercial lease Agreement: This is used to rent a space or property for commercial or business purposes

How to Fill the Alabama Rental and Lease Agreement

Step 1 - Get the Alabama rental and lease form.

On this page, a free copy of the Alabama rental and lease form has been provided. Alternatively, you can use our document builder to generate a customized copy that perfectly meets the needs of your situation. 

Step 2 - Introduction 

The first section of the Alabama Rental and Lease Agreement form establishes the effective date of the contract and introduces the parties to the agreement.

(the lessor and the lessee). After filling in the effective date of the contract, fill in your name, mailing address, city, state, and tenant’s name in the blank spaces provided, unless the tenant would like to write his or her own name(s). 

Before proceeding, make sure you read the legal terms that follow.

Step 3 - Indicate the type of Lease.

This section includes; the duration of the lease term - including lease start and lease end date, and lease renewal terms. There are two types of leases listed in this form:

  1. Fixed lease - A fixed lease is when a landlord rents out a residential or commercial property for a fixed period of time, usually a year or more.

  2. Month-to-month lease - This type of lease refers to when a landlord does not want to rent out a residential or commercial space for more than a month. This allows for flexibility and still protects your rights.  

In the checkboxes provided, tick the option which applies to this agreement and fill out the lease start and lease end dates.

Step 4- Occupancy.

The next section is for a detailed description of the number of people who would be living in the residence. This is as important as the rest of the form because it prevents future misunderstandings and protects your rights as a landlord. Please tick the option that applies to this agreement.

Step 5 - Property Description.

The form goes on to demand a property description. Fill in the mailing address, city, and state where the property is located. Tick the option that describes what type of property it is. After this, fill out the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Step 6: Validation 

To make this form valid, all parties must fill it out completely and sign it. They must also give their full legal names and the date they signed it.

Download our free Alabama lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Alabama lease agreements in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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