Car/Vehicle Receipt

Car receipts serve as evidence of a transaction for any kind of purchase, rent, or servicing associated with a vehicle. The seller should only issue a receipt once the purchase price has been paid in full or a lease or financing agreement has been fulfilled. When a new registration is accepted by a State DMV Office, a receipt is usually required.Bills of sale are generally utilized for purchase agreements between buyers and sellers.

Car vehicle receipt template

Car/Vehicle Receipt

Car/Vehicle Receipt by Category

Evidence of Receipt

In most states, evidence of receipt for a car transaction is a mandatory requirement before registration of a brand new or secondhand vehicle. This receipt needs to be authorized through signing by both the seller and the buyer in certain states.

Car Sales Receipt

Vehicle sales receipts must include a complete description of the car like the car model, year of manufacture, hue, and odometer information. In some states, information like the most recent inspection date, or the cylinder count is required.

The (Odometer) Mileage Disclosure Statement along with a purchase receipt or bill of sale should be taken to the Department of Motor Vehicle facility when registering the vehicle.

Writing Instructions

1 - The Vehicle (Car) Receipt Can Be Downloaded In Two Types

Utilizing the buttons with the image above, you can download a receipt document in PDF format or Microsoft Word. Conversely, you can use our document generation wizard.

2 - Input the identity of the seller

For the information to be entered, look at the data provided and enter the “Date” from the calendar and the “Receipt Number” for this purchase into the two empty lines at the right-hand corner of the form.

At the top of the receipt, the Issuer's details will be prominently displayed. Here, it should be the name and contact information of the automobile Seller (lessor). Provide the company or individual name of the business selling the car on the appropriate lines.

Next, the seller must enter the address and street number where mail will be delivered. Fill in the address field. Remember to include a house number if one is needed. 

3 - Record the car and the details of the transaction

In the next section, we must fill in the car description. Gather the paperwork of the vehicle then fill out the year of manufacture, product, and model of the car.

You will need three pieces of information for the next section. Clearly fill the labeled lines with the vehicle's license number, vehicle identification number, and the current mileage.

In this section, the seller must describe the condition of the vehicle. In this case, an empty space is available, however, if you need more space simply insert something via your text/ graphics editing software or attach a file. The next bunch of empty lines ls is also available for Seller "Comments."

4 – Review Then Complete The Receipt

There are two parts to the section tagged "summary of charges.". Here, you need to check the checkbox next to the label indicating how payment was made. For multiple types of payments, either prepare two individual receipts (indicating the type of payment) or check all boxes. The payment could be made in cash, by check, by credit card, or in an "other" way. Please use the description provided if you choose "Other.". For "Credit" and "Check", and include the credit or the check  No." field.

To complete this document, the seller must sign or have someone authorized to sign on the "Authorized Signature" section.

Download our free Car/Vehicle Receipt Template in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Car/Vehicle Receipt Template in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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