Viginia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

A Virginia motor vehicle power of attorney (Form VSA-70) is a document used to delegate a person to manage vehicle-related matters on behalf of the owner of said vehicle, or grantor. The form authorizes the individual, known as the attorney-in-fact, to perform duties that the grantor could perform if they were present. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the body governing the issuance and approval of such an agreement

Virginia motor vehicle power of attorney

Viginia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

The attorney-in-fact would be placed in charge of handling the paperwork related to transferring the vehicle title, obtaining a new certificate of title and registration, or requesting a duplicate title. 

They can also handle or manage the car's purchase or sale on behalf of the owner. When handling the sale, the attorney-in-fact must remain organized and maintain all records associated with the transaction, including receipts. 

The owner has the option of having the assigned person handle their money. In this case, depending on the circumstances, the attorney-in-fact will need to refund or ask for payment from the grantor.

Falsifying the information provided within the motor vehicle power of attorney is a crime in Virginia. As a result, when completing the document, the creator should carefully read each line. Before signing, the owner must go over each option or response. 

Similarly, the attorney-in-fact must comprehend the reason(s) for which their services are being sought and how to carry out each task. They must also clarify any questions or concerns to make sure they carry out the wishes of the owner accordingly.

Filling Guidelines

Step 1 - Download the form from this page.

We have provided a free copy of the Virginia motor vehicle power of attorney form. Download the PDF file by clicking the download button, then you can either fill in the information directly or print copies and fill the form manually. 

Conversely, you can use our power of attorney generator to quickly create a high-quality power of attorney agreement in just a few clicks.

Step 2 - Vehicle owner(s) identification

The first section of this form features a table labeled “Vehicle Owner(s).” In it, the person filling the form must enter information about the owner of the vehicle starting with their full legal name in last, first, and middle name format, their full street address with building number included, city and state of residence, and the Zip code associated with this address.

A single vehicle may have more than one owner, eg. a husband, and wife, for this reason, the table can accommodate information for up to two people. But if the vehicle has a single owner, fill only one side and leave the other blank.

 Step 3 - Present the individual to whom power of attorney is being granted.

The second table, labeled “Power Of Attorney Granted To,” provides an area to state the identity of the appointed agent or attorney. On the first row, provide the full legal name of this individual with their last name first and their middle name last.

On the second row, provide this individual's full street address, city, state of residence, and zip code.

Step 4 - Vehicle information

On the third table on this form, you would need to provide information that would be used to identify the vehicle involved in this agreement. Use the boxes in this table to provide the requested information.

Step 5 - Certification

The vehicle owner(s) must validate this form before submission to the Virginia DMV. 

This form can accommodate up to two owners. If there is just one, however, use only the left-hand side of the last table.

After adding signatures to the document, the vehicle owner must provide their social security number or employer federal ID. If the vehicle owner is a Business, then their Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) must be supplied here. In the last box, the vehicle owner should write the date they signed this form. If there is a second owner, he/she must provide the same information on the right side of the table.

Download our free Virginia motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Virginia motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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