Utah motor vehicle power of attorney

The Utah motor vehicle power Of attorney form is a legal document used to give authority to someone who will handle the vehicle owner's administrative chores with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in the state of Utah. This sort of transfer of authority is solely for issues involving motor vehicles. To put it another way, if the original car owner wants the appointee to handle things beyond the institution or to exercise primary powers in other areas, they should obtain a new power of attorney specific to their needs. 

Utah motor vehicle power of attorney template

Utah motor vehicle power of attorney

The documentation for delegating strong, weak, and restricted principle authorities to the appointee can all be customized to incorporate the rights that the principal will confer on the appointee in this section.

How to Fill out This form

Step 1 - Preview and Download The Form

You can download the motor vehicle power of attorney by clicking the download link at found on this page. It’s available as a PDF file. 

Conversely, you can use our power of attorney generator to create a unique POA that’s better suited to the needs of your situation. Click the generate button to get started with it. Note, the process only takes a few moments. 

Step 2 - Present the next page of this form along with the vehicle in question to an automobile servicing station.

Ensure that the second part of this form is printed and brought to a competent technician/mechanic with the vehicle in question. This person will have to evaluate the vehicle thoroughly, provide some vital information for identification purposes, and show their credentials. 

The second sheet must provide the vehicle's date of manufacture, its make, the model of the vehicle, its style, the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and the current reading odometer. It should also include the address where the vehicle is examined andthe technician in charge of inspecting the vehicle must give that address and name of the owner of the vehicle station as well as their signature and proof of certification.

Step 3 - Properly provide the required information on the initial page

  • At the top of the initial page, the principal vehicle owner must be identified. If they are an organization, ensure that any needed suffixes are in the name. If it's a human, input their details exactly as shown on the documents of the owner, like their driver's license. This information should be entered in the blank field tagged "Company Name Or Individual."

  • Then, write down the name belonging to the person who is to be given principal rights to stand in for the principal. There should be a gap between the sentences "...Gives To" and "Or Its Designated Representative..."

  • A line tagged "(Duly Authorized Officer Of Company Or Individual)" will appear after this declaration. This line should be signed by the principal if they are a human. If the principal is an organization, this form may be signed on their behalf by an authorized representative of said company.

  • Once the principal has signed this paper, they will be required to provide certain credentials. If the principal is a person, they must provide their date of birth (DOB), and their social security number by filling in the blank areas below the phrases, "Social Security Number" and, "Date Of Birth."

  • If the owner of the vehicle is a business, the identification number of the federal entity or EIN should be included in the box after, "Federal ID Number."

The section under the self-report and signature of the principal vehicle owner has been provided solely to be utilized by a notary public. This entity will examine the documentation and determine how the signing will take place. After verifying the signature and identity of the signatory, the notary public will notarize the transfer of authority.

Download our free Utah motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Utah motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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