Tennessee Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

The Tennessee vehicle power of attorney (Form RV-F1311401) is a legal document that is utilized in the appointment of someone else (typically an automobile dealer) to manage your vehicle's titling in the premises of the Tennessee DMV. All of the information must be completed; otherwise, the DMV will see it as null and invalid.To properly fill out this form, the applicant is required to submit information about themselves and all parties involved, hence the applicant must ensure that accurate information is given and that all parties involved are in agreement.

Tennessee motor vehicle power of attorney template

Tennessee Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

How To Fill Out This Form

To properly fill out this form, be sure to keep to the steps listed below.

Step 1 - Use the Paperwork to Choose an Agent

The Tennessee Department of revenue's automobile servicing division will enable the owner of the automobile to appoint an agent to carry out the same functions as the principal using the principal's vehicle. This sort of appointment may only be made with the principal's signature on a final form. 

Use the links on this page to download the form or fill out a customized power of attorney form with our document creator. Click the generate button to use the second option. It takes moments. 

Step 2 - Provide The Necessary Information Required for the Completion of This Form

The applicant must fill out the requested information following the instructions below. 

  • The date will be the first thing here that must be filled in. On the empty line in the upper left area of the page (labeled "Date"), write the date this document is being published. In a statement, the following data will be sought. 

  • Fill in the blank field tagged "Name" in the introductory statement with the complete and correct name of the car owner/grantor. 

  • Then, in the empty segment tagged, "Name Of Attorney-in-Fact Representative," write the name of the attorney. More information on the Attorney-in-Fact will be needed in the first indicated section of the next empty line. If they are a business representative, fill in the "Business Or Title Service, If Applicable" section with the legal name of the company and the title they hold.

  • The residential address of the attorney shall be entered in the second designated space of this line ("Street Address").

  • The remaining blank field, which is divided into three tagged sections, will allow you to continue the attorney’s address from above. 

  • The following information-requirement fields will simply be empty tagged sections: The VIN, the make of the vehicle, the body type, its model, and finally, the year. Fill in the required data of the vehicle here.

  • Lastly, under the section meant for the automobile’s information, tick each box that relates to the agent's powers that the car owner intends to provide. 

Step 3 - This Document Must be Signed by The Granting Party/Parties

The grantor’s attention will be required in the next region. Firstly, the party has to indicate whether they are individuals (by checking the "Individual" box) or a representative of an organization (by checking the "Business" box). If the latter is the case, they must additionally fill in the empty line tagged "Business Name" with the name of the business that is providing authority to the agent.

Either the grantor or the approved emissary of the company that possesses the car should sign the blank line titled "Signature Of Entity Or Business Owner."

The party signing should make sure to print their name on the open place adjacent to the signature.

The person signing must provide the correct information about their residential address. The principal's contact details must be entered in the specified locations, and they must be active. After the grantor has signed the document and provided the needed things, they must turn it over to the notary public, where the paperwork's execution will be notarized.

Download our free Tennessee motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Tennessee motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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