Tennessee power of attorney

A Tennessee Power of Attorney Form permits a person to appoint a representative to manage their affairs. In many cases, these representations deal with finances or health care. Designations may be restricted in time or for the duration of the principal's life. To make any power of attorney form legitimate, it must be signed under State law.

Tennessee power of attorney template

Tennessee power of attorney

9 types of Tennessee power of attorney

Durable (statutory) Power of Attorney  – Complete this form to allow someone else to make financial decisions on your behalf. This form will take effect as soon as the individual becomes incapacitated and remain in effect indefinitely.

There is a PDF version of the document as well as an MS Word version available for download. The document must be signed by two witnesses and a notary public.

General (Financial) Power of Attorney – The document allows an individual to assign financial responsibility to a relative or friend. Unlike a durable POA, these documents are null and void if the "principal" becomes incapacitated.

There are two versions of this document available, one in Adobe PDF format and one in Microsoft Word format. Notary Public and 2 witnesses are required to sign the document per 5601(b)(3).

Limited Power of Attorney – It is used by those who require temporary representation or limited representation to appoint someone for the duration of their assignment to act on their behalf.

You can download the document as an Adobe PDF or MS Word. The signature should be witnessed by two people and be notarized. There is no specific law requiring this.

Medical Power of Attorney – A patient can use this document to designate someone to help them make medical decisions if they are incapable of handling it themselves.

Downloadable formats are in Adobe PDF. A witness must be present at the time of signing (34-6-203(a)(3)). Neither notarization is mandatory nor is it a requirement.

Advance Directive - Medical staff use this document when treating a person who becomes incapacitated. Choosing a health care agent, specifying medical care, naming an organ donor, and specifying instructions after death can be done through an advance directive. A notary public or two witnesses must sign the form before it can be used if the person is incapacitated. 

Minor Child Power of Attorney – When someone is away from their minor children, they can delegate authority to another to manage their school and medical care in their absence.

You can download the document in Adobe PDF format or in Microsoft Word format. Signing is not subject to any specific requirements. Nevertheless, it is recommended that three people sign the document; the caregiver, two witnesses, and a notary.

Real Estate Power of Attorney – Selling and/or managing property with the assistance of an agent or attorney-in-fact. The document can be downloaded as a PDF or as a Word document

The document must be notarized or witnessed by at least two people.

Power of Attorney Revocation Form – The purpose of this document is to revoke an existing power of attorney. You’ll need to fill the details of the power of attorney to be revoked and the information of the principal before executing the document. 

A PDF or MS Word version of this document is available for download. It is not necessary to meet any specific requirements for signing. The principal should sign  in front of a notary public regardless of the circumstance.

Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form RV-F1311401) – Using this document, an individual can appoint a representative to represent them before the Tennessee Department of Transportation concerning vehicle registration and titling.

A PDF or MS Word version of the document can be downloaded. The signatures must be witnessed by two witnesses and acknowledged by a notary.

Download our free Tennessee power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Tennessee power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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