Pennsylvania power of attorney templates

Pennsylvania power of attorney forms provide a means for appointing someone to make health care choices, deal with financial matters, or take care of other tasks on an individual's behalf. When granting power, the principal (“principal”) gives authority to another (“agent”) and specifies whether the contract has an expiration date or lasts for the lifetime of the principal. Once completed, all forms can be used right after they are signed.

Pennsylvania power of attorney template

Pennsylvania power of attorney templates

Pennsylvania Living Will Forms: 10 Types

Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney - This form allows you to designate someone to make financial decisions on your behalf. Whenever the incapacity occurs, the form will take effect, and it will stay in effect indefinitely.

Downloadable formats include Adobe PDF and MS Word. Also, with the document creator on this webpage,this template can also be customized to suit specific needs. Conditions for signing (section 5601(b)(3)): Two or more witnesses and a notary public.

General  Power of Attorney (Financial) –  A person can use this document to delegate financial management responsibilities to a friend or relative. Unlike the durable POA, these documents lose their validity if the "principal" is rendered incapable.

Both Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word versions of this document are available.

5601(b)(3) specifies the requirements for document signatures. A notary public is necessary, as are at least two witnesses.

Medical Power of Attorney - If a patient is unable to make medical decisions for themselves, they can name someone to consult with their doctors on their behalf using this document.

Adobe PDF is the format that can be downloaded. Signature requirements (5452 and 5471): Two witnesses are required. Notarization is optional but not mandatory.

Living Will - The living will is a legal document that allows the declarant to put their end-of-life treatment choices in writing for their healthcare team. It must be signed then submitted to the healthcare professionals so they can advise the declarant and make any relevant preparations. 

Advance Directive - An advance directive is a combination of a living will and a medical power of attorney. You can put your end-of-life choices in writing and appoint an agent to enforce them. The agent also handles any issue that comes up outside of the instructions written by the principal. 

Minor Child Power of Attorney - Through this form, a person can give another person the power to take temporary custody of their minor children and make decisions on their behalf.

MS Word or Adobe PDF versions of the document can be downloaded. Signing is not subject to any particular conditions.

Real Estate Power of Attorney - The real estate power of attorney allows the principal to appoint an agent to handle real estate transactions on their behalf. This includes but isn’t limited to buying, selling, leasing, etc. 

Power of Attorney Revocation Form – This form revokes an existing power of attorney. You’ll need to identify the type of power of attorney being revoked, the original principal, the date of execution, and other elements of the original power of attorney. 

Downloadable versions of this document include MS Word and Adobe PDF. No particular conditions must be met in order to sign.

Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney - Using this form, a person can appoint a representative to speak on their behalf before the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in matters involving vehicle registration and titling.

You can download the file as an MS Word or Adobe PDF. Signatures must be attested by a notary public and two witnesses.

Limited Power of AttorneyUsing this document, someone in need of short-term or limited representation names a representative to act on their behalf.

MS Word or Adobe PDF versions of the document can be downloaded. Two (2) witnesses and a notary public's attestation are required for signatures (per  5601(b)(3)).

Download our free Pennsylvania power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Pennsylvania power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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