Oregon Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

An Oregon motor vehicle power of attorney (Form 735-500) is a document that proves the owner of a car, truck, or van has authorized another person (the attorney) to handle concerns about the vehicle. The principal ought to submit the document to the Oregon DMV so that the agent would be able to handle the specified responsibilities. If the principal wants a corporation or firm to be able to conduct vehicle-related activities, they must input the corporation or firm's name rather than an individual's name.

Oregon Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

Oregon Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

When endorsing in place of the principal, the person or corporation must use the vehicle owner's name, next is the full name or business name. The following information should be included in the signature space:

  • Signature of the owner

  • Signature of the agent

  • If the agent is a corporation, the signature of the person in charge of the business representing the principal

  •  Signature of the principal authorizing power to the business

  • The company is authorized to make vehicle-related choices for the owner 

  • The owner signs the power of attorney. Next to their signature, they must write the phrase "owner."

The individual name or business acting on behalf of the car owner, the vehicle identification number and license plate number, and the vehicle owner's signature must all be included in the motor vehicle power of attorney. 

The form will be rejected by the DMV if the above is not met, making it impossible for the attorney to represent the owner. After signing the document, the owner is unable to make changes to it. They must fill out a new form if they want to authorize a new agent. To completely end the arrangement, they must also execute a cancellation POA.

Signing requirements: The owner of the vehicle must sign.

Steps to fill this form

Below this page, the link to downloading the pdf file can be found, download and save a copy. You can either print it out and fill up manually or edit and fill it up online with the appropriate software. 

You can also use our power of attorney maker - it can be accessed by clicking the generate button - to make a POA that’s better suited to your needs. The entire process only takes a few moments. 

Step 1 - Authorization of Agent

Several spaces have been made for the information of the agent to be supplied. The first thing to be done is to fill in the agent's full name.

Step 2 -  Identification of the vehicle

Below this heading, two rows are made available for an account of the vehicle in question to be submitted.

Use the first row's boxes to reveal the "plate number," "year," "make," "model" and "body style" of the vehicle that the vehicle owner is giving the attorney-in-fact principal authority over. Provision of the vehicle identification number (VIN) and title number of the said vehicle in the space made for it in the second row.

Step 3 -  Information of the principal owner

The space in the third row is left for the full name of the principal owner and the owner signs in the blank space of the fourth row where it's written "signature of the owner". If there is a joint owner of the vehicle, he/she has to endorse this document by also entering his/her full name and signs on the form in the space tagged " name of joint owner" and "signature of the joint owner" respectively.

Download our free Oregon motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Oregon motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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