Oregon Power of Attorney Templates

Oregon power of attorney forms permits an individual (the "principal") to designate someone else (the "attorney-in-fact") to act as his/her legal representative for particular activities or matters. This is typical among older people who grant their partners or wards control over their financial and medical affairs if they are unable to speak for themselves. The agent can begin operating for the principal as soon as the form is signed by presenting it to third parties.

Oregon power of attorney template

Oregon Power of Attorney Templates

9 types of Oregon power of attorney

Advance Directive - The Advance Directive Adoption Committee in Oregon produced an advance directive that permits an individual to designate a healthcare agent and treatment instructions. In particular, the form lays out medical treatment alternatives for a patient who is unable to speak for themselves.

Medical Power of Attorney - The medical power of attorney is similar to an advance directive in that it allows the principal to appoint an agent to handle medical care decisions on their behalf. The difference is that it doesn’t allow the principal to deliver written instructions for their end-of-life treatment like an advance directive does. With that being said, this document will still need to be signed and notarized before it can be considered valid. 

Durable Financial Power of Attorney - A durable power of attorney form in Oregon allows a person, known as the "principal," to appoint someone to manage their financial matters for them. The "agent" chosen should be a trustworthy individual who is obligated to make all choices in the principal's best interests. If the document is durable, it will stay valid. It is revoked until the death of the principal.

General (Financial) Power of Attorney - The Oregon General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form gives a specific individual explicit financial authority to manage your financial concerns in your place. If the individual giving the authority (the principal) is no longer capable of making his/her judgments, this legal document expires. This indicates that it is not a "durable" power of attorney. Due to the security option, some individuals who issue such authorities will choose this document. This form of fail-safe can protect an incapable principal from being called for a principal judgment that should only be made if the principal were present.

Limited Power of Attorney - The purpose of the Oregon Limited Power of Attorney Form is to designate temporary principal authority, goal-oriented principal authority, or both to an attorney-in-fact chosen by the issuer. The principal who grants these rights will usually want to exert significant control over an attorney-in-fact action by ensuring that the abilities granted to that person expire automatically when the conditions described above are fulfilled. A few pieces of details will be required, followed by a report from the principal outlining exactly what the representative will be authorized (and expected) to accomplish with the authorities given.

Minor (Child) Power of Attorney - Parents utilize the Oregon Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form to appoint someone as their ward's temporary caregiver. For a maximum of six months, this designation of power may be effective. The state of Oregon regulates this life span, as such an extended appointment is needed to protect the kid's well-being, and then an extra issuance of authority is needed. When this document is completed, the caregiver will be able to manage matters concerning the wards, like dealing with the child's doctor or school, while the parents are absent.

Real Estate Power of Attorney- The Oregon Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is a legal form used by a principal to give written authority to a chosen attorney-in-fact to manage any acts and/or transactions related to the care, transaction, refinancing, or management of real property exclusively. Keep in mind that this form of appointment only deals with the principal authority over real estate, as such any authorities granted here will only allow an attorney-in-fact to manage a principal's real estate and nothing else.

Power of Attorney Revocation Form - After a formerly designated power of attorney has been executed, the Revocation of Power of Attorney Form in Oregon will end it. Bear in mind that if you want to abort an attorney-in-fact authority, you'll be responsible for ensuring that your attorney-in-fact is informed of the situation. You have to ensure that s/he has been contacted, detailed, and that this document has been successfully handed to him/her. Also, if any third parties are relying on the original power of attorney, you have to notify them of the revocation by contacting them directly and mailing them a copy of the revocation.

Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 735-500) - The Oregon Division of Transportation Driver And Motor Vehicle Services requires the Oregon Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form 735-500) to designate an attorney-in-fact with the authority and power to undertake specific administrative activities with an automobile that s/he does not own. Because s/he will assume responsibility for his/her attorney-in-fact activities, only the automobile owner may put his/her signature and execute this contract.

Download our free Oregon power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Oregon power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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