Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

An Oklahoma motor vehicle power of attorney form is a legal agreement that allows a car owner to authorize another party to preside over their dealings with the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Department. The form is used by the owner to appoint an agent to act as their representative to facilitate the sale of a car, truck, or van or handle other matters like titling, registration, etc. for which you need someone to represent your interest. The designated person can handle matters at the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS), such as applying for registration and title or signing the paperwork.

Oklahoma motor vehicle power of attorney template

Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The form provides a limited power of attorney, which limits the amount of authority the attorney would possess. It does not transfer ownership of the vehicle to the attorney-in-fact. Instead, it allows the designated individual to act in the owner's place while carrying out the requested duties. 

Depending on the responsibilities assigned, the attorney-in-fact may be required to pay or request money from a third party. The form however does not allow the appointed person to handle the owner's finances. To authorize short- or long-term financial-related tasks, the owner would need to complete and sign a general or durable power of attorney.

Filling Guidelines

Step 1 - Obtain the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form 

We have provided a ready-to-print and easy-edit copy of this form right on this page. You can download the PDF version of this form by clicking the PDF button, or you can open it to fill the information into it directly using the appropriate software.

Instead of downloading the form, you can use our power of attorney creator to make a compliant power of attorney in just a few moments.

Step 2 - Identification of the parties involved.

The first piece of information required on this form is the names of the principal owner of the vehicle (individual or company) and the full legal name of the individual receiving vehicle authority.

The principal should then read the text provided after the statement of the names and if in agreement, they should sign on the line labeled "Duly Authorized Officer of Company or Individual." 

Step 3 - Supply more information about the party transferring authority

If the party transferring the authority is an individual supply his/her date of birth and social security number. If it is a company provide their Federal Identity Number (FEIN).

Then this party should fill in the county in which the form was signed alongside the date of signing.

On the next line after the words "Personally appeared the above-named" the principal should sign their full legal name if they agree with the text statement printed below the line.

Step 4 - Notarization

The rest of the first page of this form is to be filled out by an authorized notary public official, they should fill in their name, sign, and write the expiration date of their commission.

Step 5 - Vehicle Information

The second page of this form should be filled out by a qualified vehicle technician (i.e. a mechanic). 

This person will report information such as the address of the station where the inspection took place, specific details about the vehicle ie. the year of manufacture, the name of the manufacturer (make), the model, the style, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the odometer reading.

This party must also report any existing mechanical problems, verify the owner's identity and provide his/her ID information. This step is crucial before the document can be executed.

Download our free Oklahoma motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Oklahoma motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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