Oklahoma power of attorney templates

Power of attorney forms in Oklahoma allows an individual to appoint a person to function in their place and make choices for them. There are many different types, varying from managing financial matters to making medical decisions in another person's best interest. The "principal" who grants authority has the choice of giving durable powers, which will allow the document to be effective even if the principal becomes incapable. After they have been signed following state legislation, any of the documents can be utilized.

Oklahoma power of attorney template

Oklahoma power of attorney templates

9 types of Oklahoma power of attorney forms

Durable Statutory Power of Attorney - A durable power of attorney form in Oklahoma allows an individual ("principal") to appoint another person ("agent") to have limited or unrestricted financial authority. This is popular when an individual reaches retirement age or wants to delegate business management to another person. The term "durable" refers to the form's ability to continue to function even if the individual granting authority becomes mentally handicapped. They can still handle their financial matters through the individual they chose.

General (Financial) Power of Attorney - The Oklahoma General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form allows you to choose a companion or family to handle your financial affairs, such as the purchase and sale of your property and assets. As with all forms of POAs, it's critical to consider who would manage your affairs in the way you want them to be handled — with honesty and care. This document differs from the durable form in that it expires when the principal becomes incapacitated.

Limited Power of Attorney - A limited power of attorney form in Oklahoma lets a principal appoint someone to act as his/her agent for a certain purpose - often a transaction or a specific period. It's critical to spell out exactly what kind of limited function you want it to serve so that there's no misunderstanding about what you've requested your agent to carry out.

Medical Power of Attorney - A medical power of attorney in Oklahoma allows a principal to appoint an attorney-in-fact to make health-care choices for them. The attorney-in-fact is given specific authority over the principal's healthcare treatment alternatives. The form can be written so that the attorney-in-fact can start acting immediately or after the principal has become incapacitated.

Advance Directive - The advance directive is a legal document that gives the principal the ability to appoint an agent to handle medical care choices. The difference between it and a medical power of attorney is that the principal can also give written instructions for their end-of-life treatment and submit that directly to the healthcare team. The agent is supposed to enforce those wishes and handle any situation outside of the written instructions. It must be signed and notarized before it’s considered effective. 

Minor (Child) Power of Attorney - The Minor Child (Parental) Power of Attorney Form in Oklahoma is a legal form that allows a parent to appoint someone else to look after his or her child (ren). This document will take effect when the parent(s) are not able to care for the wards and expect the caregiver to do so. This form will allow the parent to offer complete and/or give specific approval to a temporary guardian to make choices for the wards with the same authority as the parent.

Real Estate Power of Attorney - When an attorney-in-fact must be appointed to manage a principal property owner's real property, an Oklahoma Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is completed. This document will require the principal's attention because only s/he has the power to authorize the attorney-in-fact principal authorities. Before completing this document, the principal has to confirm that the attorney-in-fact is willing to perform the appropriate obligations to care for or transact business with the principal's real estate (or a portion thereof). This form will give the attorney-in-fact the written approval to supervise the acts and transactions that the principal wants the agency to do.

Power of Attorney Revocation Form - When you need to revoke a previously issued power of attorney that you signed, use the Oklahoma Revocation of Power of Attorney Form. If you have a Power of Attorney that is still being used but you have decided that it is no longer necessary or that your attorney-in-fact is operating in a way you did not expect, you should use this. In addition to completing this document, you have to notify your attorney-in-fact and any backup attorney-in-fact that you have rescinded the Power of Attorney and that they are no longer to act on it.

Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney - The Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form is a sort of limited power of attorney that only applies to cases before the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission. These issues could involve title, registration, or other transactions that require you to have a person act in your best interest for an automobile.

Download our free Oklahoma power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Oklahoma power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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