North Dakota power of attorney templates

Power of attorney forms in North Dakota allow an individual to appoint another person to represent them while making financial or medical choices. It is advisable that the individual appointing another person, the "principal," chooses a trustworthy person who would be getting authority, the "agent." The document can be "durable" at the principal's request, meaning it will stay valid even if they lose their ability to decide for themselves (e.g., Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, etc.)

North Dakota power of attorney template

North Dakota power of attorney templates

8 types of North Dakota power of attorney 

Durable Financial Power of Attorney - A durable power of attorney in North Dakota lets an individual appoint another person to manage and conduct their financial matters for them. The authorities delegated might range from as minor as paying bills to as significant as managing a company's day-to-day operations. The term "durable" means the document will continue to be legitimate even if the individual granting authority becomes disabled and unable to decide for themselves. As a result, the individual chosen must be someone you can rely on.

General (Financial) Power of Attorney - The General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form in North Dakota is comparable to the durable POA form. They both let a principal appoint a representative to manage the principal's overall financial matters. Because of the sensitivity of the role, the representative appointed must have integrity and be trustworthy because they will be handling the principal's property and belongings. However, this document differs from the durable form in that it self-destructs if the principal is disabled (not able to decide on his/her own because of a medical condition or psychological instability).

Limited Power of Attorney - The North Dakota Limited Power of Attorney Form lets you appoint a representative to manage a specified transaction(s) on your behalf as the principal. You can additionally provide a timeframe during which the representative has access to the principal authority granted here. Regardless of the restrictions placed on the representative, you must choose a person you can rely on. After you've found a representative who's willing to represent you, complete this form carefully, ensuring the language used to indicate what the agent is permitted (and expected) to do in your name is explicit.

Advance Directive - The Advance directive in North Dakota is a legal document that allows the principal to put their end-of-life medical choices in writing for doctors and other healthcare professionals to follow. It also allows them to appoint an agent to enforce their will or handle matters outside of the purview of their instructions. It needs to be signed and notarized before it can be considered a valid document. 

Minor (Child) Power of Attorney - In preparation for being abroad and unavailable for an extended period, a parent can appoint a guardian to care for his or her underaged children using the North Dakota Guardian of Minor Power of Attorney Form. This document, if properly completed, will provide the caregiver permission to make choices and act for the wards regarding medical care, educational, and financial requirements. If a parent is planning on being deployed or taking a long vacation, this type of document can be useful. The duration of this form is limited to six months.

Real Estate Power of Attorney - When choosing an agent to carry out judgment and duties on behalf of a principal, the North Dakota Real Estate Power of Attorney Form should be used. When the principal signs this contract, it becomes written authority for the agent to carry out any of the expected obligations and satisfy the principal's real estate responsibilities. Any activities taken by the agent on behalf of the principal must be specified in this form. 

Power of Attorney Revocation Form - To rescind an existing power of attorney, utilize the Revocation of Power of Attorney Form. It can be utilized for any sort of power of attorney, which includes a durable power of attorney, guardianship of a minor, health care POA, and others. Along with properly executing this instrument, you should ensure that all necessary parties get a copy and are thus informed that your POA has been revoked. If someone is unaware of your revocation, they may not be held accountable if they continue to act on your behalf.

Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MVD-11020) - The North Dakota Vehicle Power of Attorney Form is used to delegate a vehicle owner's principal authority to a representative. The agent will be able to handle motor vehicle issues in North Dakota using this document. For example, an attorney-in-fact might utilize this to get the Automobile's title or documentation for the owner.

Download our free North Dakota power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free North Dakota power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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