Nebraska Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

A Nebraska motor vehicle power of attorney allows an individual (the vehicle owner) to appoint another person (the agent or attorney-in-fact) to carry out vehicle-related tasks in their stead. It is a document that gives an elected agent the authority to assist in the transfer of ownership or the filing of an application for title and registration of a vehicle or vessel. If either or both the vehicle owner and the appointed individuals are companies or business entities, they must provide their company/business name or title and a current mailing address. 

Nebraska Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

Nebraska Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

The vehicle owner has the authority to choose more than one representative for a single vehicle, this form can accommodate information in the form for up to two (2) people. If they wish to present an additional person, they must write the individual's name and contact information on a different piece of paper and fasten it to the form.

Before signing, the vehicle owner and chosen representative(s) must talk about what exactly the vehicle owner is granting them the power to do and the limitations of this new authority. Decisions made in error or against the wishes of the vehicle owner may result in legal prosecution or financial consequences for both parties. As a result, the person being granted the authority should be familiar with the required tasks ahead of time. 

The form also empowers the agent or attorney to sign documents on behalf of the owner, register a vehicle, make transactions, and obtain confidential vehicle information.

The vehicle owner must complete, sign, and submit the form for the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (NEDMV) to review. Thereafter, the NEDMV will enter it into their records, permitting the authorized attorney-in-fact to act on their behalf. 

How to Fill This Form

We have broken the filling process into steps for your convenience. Here they are:

Step 1- Obtain the Nebraska DMV Form 

You can download the form directly from this page by clicking the download button or use our power of attorney generator to quickly create a high-quality power of attorney agreement in just a few moments. Click the generate button to start the process. 

Step 2 - Representative Identity Information.

The first blank line of the form requires the full legal name of the chosen agent or attorney being granted authority over the vehicle. This name should be written right after the words "I hereby appoint"...

Step 3 - Vehicle Information

Next, on the three lines below the first, fill in the manufacturing year, manufacturer's name (make), and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the Hull Identification Number (HIN). The Hull Identification Number (HIN) – also known as "Boat code" – is a series of letters and numbers. The HIN specifies the country, manufacturer, serial number, and date of manufacture of a boat. The HIN is usually permanently attached to the vessel's hull.

Step 4 - Principal Owner Identification

Below the space for the vehicle information is a space provided for the vehicle or boat owner to identify him/herself. They must provide their full legal name as it says on their driver's license, sign and write the date of signing the document.

More than one person can own a particular vehicle or boat, thankfully this form can accommodate up to two principal owners. If there is another owner, write their details on a separate paper and attach it to the form.

Step 5 - Notarization

A notarized document is one in which the signatory's identity and signature have been verified using original photographic identity documents and witnessed by a Notary Public at the time of signing. Like most POA forms, notarization is a requirement for this form to be recognized by the DMV. The notarization section is located at the bottom of the form, there is space for two notary agents to sign, the notary agent must also provide the address at which the document was signed as well as the date of signing. No other type of witness can validate this form.

Download our free Nebraska motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Nebraska motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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