Montana Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

A Montana motor vehicle power of attorney (Form MV65) is a legitimate document used by an individual or organization (the principal) to establish their permission to allow another party to make vehicle-related judgments on their behalf. The authorized individual or firm has the permission to approve documents on behalf of the owner. When taking actions on the owner's behalf, the attorney-in-fact must present this form encompassing the owner's full name, signature, and power of attorney granted. If the owner designates a firm as the attorney-in-fact, the delegate must also encompass the company's name. 

Montana motor vehicle power of attorney

Montana Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

Note: the attorney-in-fact must hold on to copies of the form to present it to the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

The form should also include information about the action(s) that the owner wishes to be carried out by the representative. 

By approving this form, the owner grants authority to the attorney-in-fact to sign documents and statements for registration, title application, or title transfer. If the owner expects the attorney-in-fact to deal with other vehicle-related responsibilities, they should state a thorough explanation in the form. Because if one party does not fully understand, it can lead to mistakes or unconsenting consequences. 

Representatives must fully comprehend their role. To prevent misinterpretations, both sides should talk about the form and their assigned duties before signing.

The form performs two (2) purposes because it can be used by both motor vehicle and watercraft owners. When filling out the form, the owner must include information about the vehicle such as;  the title number, make/manufacturer's name, year, style/ model, vehicle identification number (VIN), color, and license plate number. Additionally, the owner is expected by the state of Montana to specify the odometer reading and the exactness of the number given. If someone purchases the vehicle, they must sign and date the form to confirm the odometer reading's accuracy.

How to Fill This Form

We have provided steps for you to follow to fill out this form accurately.

First, download this form from this page in a PDF format by clicking the download button. You can also use our motor vehicle power of attorney creator that’s available on the page as well. Click the generate button. If you choose to download it, you’ll need to providethe following information:

1. Vehicle Owner Information:

  • The full legal name of the vehicle owner; to transfer the vehicle authority to another Party, provide identification details to the Montana Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • House Address: Copy your permanent home address from your Driver’s License.

2. Identify your chosen representative:  

  • Provide your agent/attorney's full legal name as it says on his/her legal documents

  • Provide the individual or company's address. This must specify the street address, city, state of residence, and the zip code associated with the address. 

 3. Specific authority and instructions

  • The agent of attorney-in-fact introduced above will receive authority to oversee duties such as registration, purchase and sale, and title applications for the vehicle on behalf of the vehicle owner. If there are any other tasks you wish the attorney-in-fact to perform, please leave a detailed description.  

4. Vehicle information

Please provide the following:

  • Vehicle Title Number, you can find this on the vehicle title document.

  • The Year of production of the vehicle should be indicated on the vehicle's paperwork 

  • The make of the vehicle, this is simply the name of the company that manufactured the vehicle (eg. Sedan, Toyota, etc.), this should also be on the vehicle's paperwork

  • Vehicle Model, this is the production line of the vehicle e.g. Pathfinder, Hyundai, etc. 

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), is a manufacturer-assigned ID number usually found on the lower left of the vehicle dashboard or if the dashboard has been replaced before checking on the original vehicle papers.

  • Next, indicate the color of the vehicle.

  • Then indicate the license plate number with which the vehicle was last registered.

  • Vehicle odometer reading; A vehicle's odometer reading is another way of identifying such a vehicle. Before noting down the odometer reading of the vehicle, indicate the number of digits of the odometer reading (5 or 6 excluding fractions)

  • Next note down the date of the day where you took the odometer reading, it doesn't have to be the same day the document is signed.

  • The next is the vehicle mileage, Mark the box provided if the mileage exceeds the odometer reading. If the odometer has malfunctioned, indicate this by ticking the second box. 

The vehicle must be identified for the Montana Department of Motor Vehicles to recognize the Attorney-in-Fact actions with the vehicle. The above listed are standard manners of identifying the vehicle.

5. Signatures

The Montana Department of Motor Vehicles requires the signature of the vehicle owner as of the party that is consenting to the granting or transfer of authority. The vehicle owner must also indicate the same by signing this document.

6) Notarization

Another requirement for the state Department of Transportation to recognize the agreement is the presence of a notary public to witness the signing of the document. The Notary Public will then complete the notarization section by providing the address of where the signing took place and verifying your identity. After this he/she should sign the form and affix the notarization stamp, this completes the notarization process.

7. Purchaser Acknowledgement (if applicable) 

If someone has bought the vehicle, the purchaser must be presented with this form for him to sign and testify to the exactness of the vehicle odometer. If the purchaser is a firm or company a delegate can sign on the company's behalf. He or she must also include the company name and sign "for the company", if the purchaser is a business, the representative must provide the full legal name of the business, sign, and indicate the date of signing.

Download our free Montana motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Montana motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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