Montana power of attorney forms

Montana’s power of attorney forms allows people to delegate decision-making authority to someone else. The authority who grants power ("principal") has the option of transferring financial, medical, or other matters to a representative of their choice ("agent"). When a power of attorney is filled out and signed, the agent can use it right away unless instructions stated in the POA indicate a different start date.

Montana power of attorney template

Montana power of attorney forms

10 Types of Montana power of attorney forms

Durable (Statutory) Power of Attorney - A durable statutory power of attorney form in Montana lets an individual choose a person to manage their financial matters for them. The delegation only takes effect while the "principal" who grants authority is alive, and it persists even if they become debilitated. The "agent," the person chosen to perform in their presence, might be anyone chosen by the principal. Because of the authority and responsibility they wield, it is suggested that the representative/agent be someone they can trust.

General (Financial) Power of Attorney - A Montana citizen can designate a person to represent him/her using the Montana General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form. The individual appointed for this assignment is often a person who is close to the issuing principal and has a track record of being trustworthy. This document gives you broad authority over your property, which includes your money. There is one major distinction between this form and the durable power of attorney. If you become debilitated, this type becomes null. Instead, if you need to plan while incapacitated, you should utilize the durable form.

Limited Power of Attorney - When a certain transaction or limited situation necessitates your presence regardless of whether you are accessible or not, a Montana Limited Power of Attorney Form is commonly used. This paper will provide the person you appoint the authority to act on your behalf while you are not available. For instance, if you plan to close on a property but will be out of town at the time of the closing, you can sign a restricted Power Of Attorney authorizing an agent to put their name on the closing forms for you. Only you have the power to appoint a person to represent you. You must complete the document and have all of the required signatures.

Medical Power of Attorney - A medical power of attorney in Montana is a legal form that permits a person to choose an "agent" or "representative" to make healthcare choices for you. In the case that the agent is unable to complete their obligations, the principal may appoint "successor agents" (agents may not act together). It's also a good idea for a principal to fill out a Living Will to specify their medical administration choices.

Living Will - A living will is a simple legal document that allows a principal to put their medical care choices in writing for healthcare professionals. It specifically outlines end-of-life treatment choices. It should be signed and delivered to the healthcare institution ahead of time so the physician can review it and make any relevant recommendations. 

Advance Directive - The advance directive is another type of power of attorney that deals with healthcare. It incorporates elements from the living will and the medical power of attorney by allowing the principal to put their end-of-life treatment choices in writing and selecting an agent. It must be signed by the principal and witnesses before it’s considered valid. 

Minor (Child) Power of Attorney - The Montana Minor (Child) Power of Attorney Form lets parents choose a person to look after their child and make choices for them while they are abroad or not available to do it themselves. This is useful if a parent is going to be deployed, needs to be hospitalized for an extended time, or is not available and wants to entrust their wards care to a family member who will decide and get details on the child's health and education.

Power of Attorney Revocation Form  - A Revocation Power of Attorney Form in Montana is a written document that is used to cancel a formerly obtained power of attorney. You must notify your agent that s/he is no longer authorized to operate on your behalf after completing this revocation. Additionally, you should notify any organizations that rely on your POA that the rescinded agent no longer has power. Give a copy of your revocation to all relevant persons, preferably attached to a copy of your Power Of Attorney with the term "REVOKED" written on it.

Real Estate Power of Attorney - Montana Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is a document that gives a predetermined agent legal authority to manage the transaction, management, refinancing, or any other real estate-related activities requested by the issuing principal. A notary has to witness and authorize all signatures (principal, agent, and other relevant parties).

Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MV65) - When choosing another person to manage registration or title issues, an automobile owner might use a Montana motor vehicle power of attorney (Form MV65). This form must be completed and notarized by the agent and presented to a Montana MVD facility. The agent has the option of registering the automobile how s/he sees fit.

Download our free Montana power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Montana power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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