Minnesota motor vehicle power of attorney

A Minnesota motor vehicle power of attorney allows an agent to act on behalf of the principal (an individual or corporate entity) for responsibilities related to a motor vehicle. By allowing or restricting obligations, the principal decides how much power they wish to give the agent.Guidelines for the agent must be written by the individual filling out the form and both sides must have a clear understanding of the task at hand. Because erroneous judgments (deliberate or not) might lead to legal action, the agent must make sure they understand their duty before working on behalf of the principal.

Minnesota motor vehicle power of attorney

Minnesota motor vehicle power of attorney

The agent must have the signed paperwork in hand while acting on behalf of the car owner. Unless the attorney-in-fact has a copy of the form, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will not authorize them to make rulings on behalf of the owner. If the agent has legal possession of the document, he or she can sign documents on behalf of the principal, file for registration, or seek a replica title. They also have the authority to purchase or swap an automobile through a dealership or a private party.

An agent can only conduct duties for an automobile with a motor vehicle power of attorney. If the work isn't associated with a car, the principal will need to fill out a different kind of power of attorney form. A general POA covers monetary decisions, while a tax POA  allows the agent to make tax decisions on behalf of the principal. Notarization is necessary for all signatures.

How to Fill This Form

Download the PDF file at the bottom of the page and save it as a Word or PDF file. Fill in the data on the screen if you have the appropriate software. Conversely, you can use our power of attorney maker to create a high-quality POA in just a few moments and ensure you don't make any errors when filling out the form. Simply click the generate button to get started.

Step 1 - Attorney-in-fact and principal's identification

The principal will be able to announce a desire for an Attorney-in-Fact to be appointed for the vehicle described in the document. On the first blank line, provide the name of the individual who is authorizing this power of authority - the principal/grantor. Indicate the agent who will accept authority over the vehicle on the second blank line.

Locate the word "Note" now (printed in bold). If the principal is an individual, use the first three lines after the phrase "Date of Birth" to record his or her birth date. Use the remaining three blank lines in this sentence to insert the principal vehicle owner's social security number once this activity is accomplished. 

Leave this statement blank if the principal is a company/business entity, and move on to the following one. If the principal authorizing power through this form is a company/business entity, fill in the blank area after the term "Federal EIN" with its Federal Entity Identification Number.

Step 2 - Inspection of the vehicle by a professional 

A professional in charge of inspecting the vehicle will need to fill out the second page of this form. In the table provided, this entity must provide the necessary information which includes:

  • Vehicle's Year

  • Make

  • Model Style

  • VIN 

  • Odometer 

  • Owner's name and address, 

  • Station's name and address, 

  • The professional's name and number, and 

  • Their signed and printed name.

Below this, the Technician will be able to make a note about the vehicle's safety.

Step 3 - Authorization 

On this form, the owner should specify which act(s) the agent is authorized to execute. Choose the checkbox next to each task that the agent is permitted to perform. If you have an agreement that isn't on this list, check the box next to 'Other' and write it down on the cell given.

Step 4 - Principal signature

Once all of these activities have been accomplished, the Vehicle Owner should sign the blank line following the words "Signed By" near the top of the page. The category below the words "The State of Minnesota" (on the first page) will require the Notary Public's scrutiny during the signing of this appointment form. They will take down the location, date, and parties present at the principal's signing, as well as his or her qualifications and notary seal.

Step 5 - Notary public signature

To validate the authenticity of the grantor's signature, the agent for notarization should endeavor to enter their data and sign.

Download our free Minnesota motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Minnesota motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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